How Do I Help Induce Labor

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Desperate Momma - November 30

I'm 37 weeks on Friday and the doctor told me today that I'm considered full term on Friday. Well, I'm due Dec. 23rd and DH & I are moving into our new place Jan 1. Just wondering (once I get closer to my due date) if there is any natural way to help bring on labor. I'm already 50% effaced and dilated to 1. I went shopping day after Thanksgiving for 8 hours and then the next day for about 6 hours hoping to dilate some more but nothing! So, obviously walking isn't working. Is there anything else?


Ready Too - December 1

1) Nipple Stimulation, 15 mins once an hour 2) Castor Oil, 2-3 teaspoons, only once every 24 hours, dose can be increased up to 2 ounces, but beware,,,,it is a strong laxative 3) S_x, s____n contains a hormone that that softens the cervix, once a day v____ally and once a day orally( oral gives better absobtion) 4) Clary Sage oil, 2-3 drops in a warm bath or put on a warm compress and place on belly, or mix oil with soem lotion and ma__sage belly There are many more but maybe one of these will work for you. Remember to wait at least 24 hours after trying one to attempt another.


Lena - December 1

Hi all. I started my 39th week yesterday, and I've been reading a lot on inducing with castor oil. Recently I read a book by Ina May Gaskin, the nation's leading midwife, she'd delivered 2,200 babies. She says in there, that they induce full term women with castor oil. They do it in the morning after a full night's sleep. They mix 1 tbsp of oil into scrambled eggs or oranje juice, and then repeat the dose in an hour if necessary. But I have also been reading everywhere in these posts that it causes meconium in baby. I've been trying to find out the truth about it...but everyone seems to be confused. Why would a midwife recommend it if it was so dangerous? I've also read that meconium is there because women trying castor oil are already overdue. The other day I mentioned something to my mother in law about it, because I was thinking about trying it, but she almost screamed "that makes the baby poop!!!". Does someone know the truth about it?


impatientMamma - December 2

Lena, I've tried castor oil twice with no luck, so there is no guarantee with it either. (the pooping is not half as bad as I had feared) BUT... castor oil does NOT cause meconium!!! HOWEVER, castor oil can lead to a very long labor which could possibly lead to fetal distress which could lead to meconium. The castor oil itself does not cause meconium. My aunt (a nusrse) had 3 very successful deliveries with castor oil and highly recommends it. Unfortunately, NOTHING has worked for me, and I am now 2 days overdue. :( I wish you better luck. I am almost desperate enough to attempt an enema, but *almost* is very strongly used....


mnm - December 2

i took castor oil today and i havnt even felt anything, not even need to #2 lol, so i guess im not that sensitive....i have 5 days till im due


Mendi - December 4

My mom had my sisters both on August 25th, two years apart. I was her last and due on August 28th!! She didnt want another August baby so she took castor oil and out I came a month early! She said it worked as a laxative before she got to the hospital so she didnt have any "moments" during labor. So I guess I'm proof it works :) Good luck, but I wouldn't drink too much of it. Haha, which reminds me, I had a girlfriend eat White Castle during both pregnancies to bring on labor and it if you have one of those in your states...chow down.


bj - December 4

i really dont think anything really helps, those who say they did certain things to bring on labor probobly think the activity they did caused labor but really their bodies were ready for labor and would have went anyways, i have tried everythign and nothign has worked for me..walking, s_x, castor oil, baths, and im 39 weeks plus a few days. labor will come when it will...that is depressing...but true


KarenY - December 5

I agree with bj, nothing really helps. I've been doing lots of walking & squatting, even jumping but so far nothing seems to work. I'm 40 weeks 3 days today, still not a single sign of labour yet, it's so frustrating & I feel like crying......=(


??? - December 5

if you do the castor oil you have to tell your doctor that you took it?


Lena - December 5

I've read that you should tell your doctor, in case some complications arise (that's if it works), so they know why and what to do about it. PLUS I've also read in a few different books that MOST first time mothers don't go into labor until over due. Plus if you don't know exactly when you concieved, the due date might be wrong -- too early. So I guess all we have left to do is just wait. I just hope I won't have to get induced at the hospital...


>Confused< - December 5

From what I've understood, and what I've talked with to my doctor, some things do help, but like the ladies have said, the baby has to be ready, your body has to be ready. Doing it too early probably wont do anything, and more than likely some women arent going to react to the same thing others do. Lena..., when i first got pregnant ... I was told most women go past their due date, however, my doctor said at my last appointment that 60% of first time moms deliver early?? It is so strange to hear so many different stories and numbers and what not. I am a first time mom, so I havent got any experience behind that... but like it was mentioned, my doctor didnt believe when I told her my conception date was, and it was one of 4 days... but she put it 3 weeks earlier!!! So my due date is definately "estimated" by the measurement of the baby, which ... could measure smaller or bigger and be given a wrong due date!! Other than walking ... I doubt I will try to self induce, I dont know how castor oil works, but I remember taking Laxatives for a problem I had a year ago or so, and the cramps and pain from that (they were pretty strong tho) was enough to scare me away from doing that again! lol. Anyways. I am due the first week of Jan. and am ready now! So I am okay with labor anytime!!



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