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Renee-Marie - April 2

Originally my husband and I chose a crib by Jardine Enterprises called the OLYMPIA. It only had a changing table (traditional) or a dresser-type changing table. We opted for the dresser like changing table because it does double duty and honestly, we thought we'd be buying the furniture ourselves. However, my mom actually bought us the crib, and DH's mother bought us the dresser/changing table.....but my biological dad and my step mom wanted to get us the dresser and I totally forgot! (Pregnancy Brain!) Obviously they would like to get something he'll grow with. I already checked with Jardine and they don't make a matching armoire for the set. I do need the glider still - but that'll leave the room once baby is no longer a baby..... so I don't think they want to get that. Anyway, This is always a point of stress for me - trying to please ALL MY PARENTS! UGH!! Please help!!!!!! How can I guide them?


Dia_ - April 3

Hi again! I know EXACTLY how you feel!! I am just refusing to please everyone...they can battle it out on their own! Here is what is happening with step-mom is totally taking over this baby and is sending me care packages packed with stuff. I was very thankful, but kind of irritated, because I have 2 other moms (biological and in-law) who were being overshadowed by my step-mom. My step mom is the type of person who has to "win" and be the best with everything. MIL threw my baby shower first when I hit 7 months and got nearly EVERYTHING big on my registry...which leaves little 99 cent stuff for my mom and her family to buy - - because they are having the last shower for me. I hope this is making sense! Anyway, I am tired of trying to please everyone. My step-mom had really been bothering me, but since we don't think we are moving back home (near her) she acts like she wants nothing more to do for the baby since she won't be able to completely run our lives....have you seen Everybody Loves Raymond?? That is what my life would be like near my step-mom!!!


meme - April 3

That must be a huge temptation, but try to think of your baby first. It's interesting how baby things (and cat & dog things too, come to think of it) are aesthetically catered toward human adults, not so much who will be using them. Anyway, if anyone tries to guilt-trip you, just tell them you are doing, as the mom here, what you believe & feel would make baby most comfortable in the practical sense.


pbj - April 3

He could always start a savings acct for your LO, that will stay with him/her a while...just an idea. That's what I did and whenever anyone asks what my daughter needs, I say a college education, a car and a house of her own. (most of the time I am joking) She does have a larger bank acct than us and she's only 4 1/2 mths old.


Cabbie - April 3

Well, the rocker will last about as long as the crib will in his room so I think the rocker would be a great ideak! My dad and step mom always by the kids really nice toy chests that the kids can use a really long time.


MJM - April 3

I would suggest telling dad and step mom about the mix up, and that you would love it if they could help out with getting a twin size bed when baby is a little older. That I think would be a good thing. Then you child will have it forever. And if your crib converts into a twin you will still need a matress set and possibly a side table. Let them know that is what you would like to do and if they want to buy the glider for you now that would be great.


sphinxminx - April 3

pbj that is an awesome idea, especially since an education is going to be the most costly item on the list. My husband's family live in the UK so they usually send our daughter money anyways, which is placed in a savings account.



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