How Do You Feel About Bottle Warmers Sterilizeres Necessary

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coco797 - October 30

Does anyone have an opinion on bottle warmers and bottle sterilizers. My husband thinks it'll make things easier. I think it's a waste of money. What do you quys think?


docbytch - October 30

well I use mine CONSTANTLY... they are pretty fast and easier to use in the middle of the night when you are totally out of it... I use a steam sterilizer and a single bottle warmer which does the job in about 3 mins. I'd recommend them....


mrssolo - October 30

I didn't use the bottle warmer with ds I'm not even sure they had them then, Maybe they did but I didn't have one. A few years ago I worked as a nanny and they had one for the baby and it was great it worked soooo much faster than a regular water bath and it never got too hot. I have one and plan on using it this time around.


Tracy88 - October 30

I used a warmer and loved it....actually still use it. Never used a sterilizer, just boiled everything at least twice a week and washed with lots of soap and hot water.


r1209 - October 30

Hmmm... Well I guess I'm on the other side here. I have one, but the nurses at the hospital told me to just give it to him at room temp. He seems to like it that way, so when I have a screaming baby to feed a bottle to, it's just much easier to not have to wait for my warmer to heat up the bottle. Never had a sterilizer, I just boil everything.


kim00 - October 30

I don't heat the bottles, but my dh does (he takes the night shift with her on the weekends.) She is getting picky now about wanting them heated, which is hard when we're out and can't heat them. I have never had a sterilizer, I just boil them.


Malica - October 30

We found boiling bottles to be too much of a pain, and since we are exclusively using formula, you really need to be careful and sterilize. (If we were putting b___st milk in the bottles, then it's completely different. Breast milk has it's own special properties that prevent bacteria from growing so soap and water would be enough, and your LO would be getting immunities from it. Since there's no immunity properties to formula, you'll want to be extra careful). After about a week of boiling bottles we use Dr. Brown's microwave sterilizer. It takes about 10 seconds to use -- just wash the bottles as normal, put in 6oz of water, then put in the microwave for 5 minutes and forget about it. Very easy. For warming bottles (we usually warm them to room temperature if it's not already), you can just get an empty plastic container. Fill it half way with warm water and put the bottle in for a few minutes. I can't imagine a bottle warmer being any easier than that.


Malica - October 30

Oh -- we also have VERY hard water where we are, so all of our bottles looked horrible after only a week. My options were either buy distilled water to use to boil, or buy a steam sterilizer which doesn't leave behind hard water stains.


jenna32 - October 31

i think warmers and sterilizers are for sure going to be convenient but if you're on a budget and don't get them as gifts i wouldn't find it necessary . i only have a sterilizer, i'd really like a warmer so the baby isn't crying so long while i have to boil water. i hope i can get away without arming them. When you think about it there's a lot of things that aren't that necessary and can do without like a baby tub when you can just bring the baby in the bath with you.


coco797 - October 31

Thank you ladies for your input so far. I think that they may be convenient, but like Jenna32 said, if we don't get them as gifts....I'm not sure if I'll end up buying it myself. I could just save the money and buy diapers or something. For those of you who do recommend getting warmers and sterilizers, which brands do you recommend?


DDT - October 31

I have used my bottle warmer every day (my ds is 8.5 months old). It does make things easier for sure, especially in the early days when you are half-asleep at night trying to get a bottle ready for your lo. My bottle warmer heats up a bottle in 4 mins. I also use my microwave sterilizer every time when making bottles. It is WAY easier and faster than heating up boiling water on the stove and immersing each bottle/nipple/cap into it. Of course - as I'm sure you know - never use a dishwasher to clean your bottles. I have the Avent bottle water & microwave sterilizer. Up here in Canada the bottle warmer cost about $60, and the sterilizer cost about $30.


coco797 - October 31

Thank you DDT. I was actually considering the Avent ones, if we do decide to buy


star_eyes - October 31

I am in charge of buying gifts for people at my company for special occa__sions such as baby showers and such. Twice now I have purchased the Avent sterilizer as well as the bottle warmer/newborn essentials kit. Both of the moms I bought these for LOVED them! Now that I'm pregnant with my own baby I put them on my registry and received them both so I'm looking forward to using them!!


jenna32 - November 1

i have the avent one to, although i can't say how good it is yet because i have never used it,lol. Someone bought me the whole avent bottle set with the soothers, diff stages for bottles etc. apparently it's the "in" thing these days for babies thats all i know,lol.


c_baer19 - November 3

I have the Avent II microwave sterilizer, and it works great. I use it all the time. As for a warmer... never had one, probably never will. It only takes less than a minute if you put the bottle under the faucet or in a bowl of hot water to bring it to room temperature!



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