How Do You Get Your Cervix Ripe

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Jill - April 15

My doctor said he wont induce my labor even if I'm overdue unless my cervix is ripe any ideas on how to ripen it up? My due dates Tuesday and the baby is big already


Allison - April 15

The only thing I've heard of that is readily available is sperm. It contains the same chemical that dr's put on the cervix during induction to soften it. If that doesn't work for you, rest a__sured that they have to induce you at 42 weeks in the US.


Jill - April 16

Are you sure? I know my mom went 20 days overdue with me is this a new law ?


PP - April 16

I cannot believe that is a law. They can't force you to give birth? The baby will come when the baby is ready.


Joan - April 16

I don't think it's a "law" but most babies need to come out by 42 weeks. They will do other tests to see how the baby is thriving inside of you. Sometimes the baby needs to come out based on their results. Other times you aren't really that late but a Miscalculated due date.


Jenny - April 16

Actually, there is a law that states that you cannot induce labour before the 38th week unless it poses a threat to mom or baby or unless labour has already started on its own and needs a__sistance. However, most doctors will induce you at 42 weeks because the uterus now longer allows the baby to thrive and the placenta develops calcium spots, meaning it is too mature to provide optimal nutrition for the baby. With that said though, many women don't deliver until week 42 because Joan is right- either a miscalculated due date or simply b/c. baby is doing fine. As for ripening cervix, your doctor's response is odd given that oxytocin actually ripens the cervix as part of the induction process. Just hang in there and everything will be'll have your precious baby soon of luck!


Joan - April 17

It may be a law but many doctor's induce prior to 42 weeks. They just make up that the baby was under distress or the mother. It's kind of scary. They did this to a friend of mine at 38 weeks just this past Summer. The baby was having trouble breathing so they needed to life flight it to a level 3 hospital and in seconds they realized the lungs were not developed enough. Not something I would want to go through! I'm guessing this baby was not 38 weeks or just developed a little slower.


Corrina - April 17

Midwives use primorse oil capsules. They advise taking them 3 times a day, and some also recommend inserting 2 capsules into the v____a before bedtime daily (from 38 wks on) If you do a search for "Primrose Oil" it will pull up the midwives websites and you can reserch it.


Allison - April 17

I don't know if it is federal or state law, but in the states my sister has practiced in (IN, IL, FL, OH) the law says that doctors can not induce before 38 weeks unless medically necessary and that they must induce by the end of 42 weeks. Both laws are for the sake of the baby's health. You can read more about it at



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