How Do You Know If You Are In Labor When

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Jenn2 - June 4

your waters have not broken yet? I am now a little confused b/c I just read a post and several women were saying they did not feel much pain until after their waters broke. Since some women dont have their waters break until they are very dilated, or else their waters have to be broken once labor do you know if you are truly in labor or if you are just having allot of BH's??


ChannY - June 4

There's some labor where women waters break or else just have a really bad back cramp. For me, My back hurt soo bad like menstrual cramp and I figured I may be in labor//went to the H, turned out to be I am in labor. the docs broked my water 2 hrs later. so its depend on which part your in labor.


Mellissa - June 4

my midwife told me that anything more than 4 bh's in an hour is too many. when i was having contractions, and not feeling any pain, i knew they were real because they were every 2 minutes and not slowing down.


mama-beans - June 4

I have been having 3-6 BH an hour for weeks now... so I guess it's different for everyone!


kelley32 - June 4

When you can't speak or much less do anything else during a contraction, you know it's the real thing. My doctor told me that it was time to go to the hospital when I wasn't smiling anymore. I labored at home for 10 hours, and when I got to the hospital, I was 3 cms dilated, then had the epidural within another 2 hours.


starr - June 4

You can be in real labor and still have your waters intact.With my first son I remained at home during the early part of my labor until the contractions had gotten so bad that I could barely move and my midwife broke my water at the hosp.So every woman is different.For me my contractions became stronger after my water was broken but they were already pretty intense before.With my second son my water had been broken for hours and I did not feel any real pain until much later.BH are usually not as intense or painful as the "real" thing,at least they weren't for me and that's what I hear most women say.Good luck



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