How Do You Know If You Have BV

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Lisa - August 17

What are the symptoms of BV? I've heard people mention a strong odour, what does this odour smell like. Please help! I'm worried I might have it. I have a onion smelling odour and a thin milky discharge - I am 30 weeks pregnant.


Lisa - August 17

Please someone, what should it smell like? I've heard that pregnancy hormones can make you smell different, how do you know if there is a problem without going to the doctor every 5 mins?


I don't know - August 17

what is BV?


? - August 17

BV stands for bacterial vaginosis it's a v____al infection.


Heidi - August 17

Call your doctor and get in and see him/her to have it checked out. I'm sure they'll want to see you right away and find out what it is. At 30 wks I told my doc I was leaking and she made a big deal of it and did a sample test to find out what it was and it was just urine, but she told me if it gets worse or I have any weird discharge to call right away as infections can cause preterm labor.


jen - August 17

i had BV at the 15th week and the main thing you notice is a VERY VERY strong fish odour. It is most noticible after s_x.


Lesley - August 17

BV is a very common discharge. It is more common than thrush. Sometimes you can have it and it can go unnoticed. Usually there is a creamy discharge that smells of fish, and gets worse after s_x. S_x can also hurt. They say it isn't s_xually transmitted. In a lot of cases doctors won't treat it untill after the baby is born (which has peed me off big time!!!) cos the antibiotics may cause premeture labour, although its been proven BV can also cause premeture labour! When you go for a swab at the doctors it is not always picked up. You may need a couple of tests before the results are positive. Try not to worry. It is a hting that happens to over 90% of women all over the world.I have it really bad and it's starting to depress me. My doc won't do anything :-( To try and keep it under control do not have hot baths (hot water causes the bacteria to breed easier) and avoid perfumed soaps and sprays near the v____a. (I know that is hard, all you want to do is get rid of the smell).


Lisa - August 18

Thanks everyone for all your comments. I've got an appointment to see my midwife next week I shall mention it then. The odour is hard to describe, but it's not a fish smell and it's not there all the time. I don't know why but I find it so difficult talking about stuff like this :(


lex - August 19

bv has a fishy smell and alot of discharge



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