How Do You Like The Name

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ash2 - April 13

Aiden ! I have heard it alot and lately it has become really popular, but everyone i tell, they say they have never heard it !


3babies - April 13

Hi Ash, I just wrote down that name as a choice yesterday. I think it is beginning to get quite popular. I love it and was thinking Aiden Jude or maybe Aiden Patrick. I dont know what I am having yet so no doubt I will have a girl because I have no idea on girl names. Also when I was chatting to my sis-in-law, they almost called their son Aiden, but decided on Euan.


Corrine321 - April 13

I love that name! Thats a very cute name!! So yeah i do like it alot!!


AML - April 13

I love it!


Karen S - April 13

I love that name and would love to use it but I have a nephew named Hayden so it's too close which sucks but oh well:( I say do it, it's so cute:)


Ciera.Danielle - April 13

Love it! But its very popular!!


livdea - April 14

it's cute but when I was nannieing all the little boys names were Aiden...and I mean pretty much ALL of them. But it's super cute...could be the new Michael!


Monique - April 14

Aiden is soooooo common right now. I can't believe no one you tell has heard of it!! Wow. Where are you located? Do you guys not have "S_x and the City"??


mom2b2x - April 14

I like it ... alot ... also to 3babies i like Makenzie for a girl but i cant use that becasue my last name is mckenzie also i had picked out Trinity Elise for my daughter but my hubby didtn like it so i had to go with something else... just some suggestions ... gluck all


meme - April 14

If it's been in the top five in popularity in the past few years, it's a total turnoff for me... no matter how "cute" it may be. My name also in the top five in the year I was born ('76), and I couldn't stand that so many other girls I grew up with had the same name. Very annoying. I've had a nickname for the past five years, which is a relief from that.


meme - April 14

Oh, and btw... other names in the top 100 for boys include Hayden, Brayden, and Jayden. Enough people!


ash2 - April 14

i dont watch s_x and the city, and i actually didnt know the guy was named aiden untill recently. but i do still love the name. i think im gonna go with it!!! thanks ladies!!


Tess - April 14

Its a very popular name. I like it. It sounds very stylish...



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