How Do You Pass Time

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C. - October 1

I have a countdown...34 days until D-Day. I am bored out of my mind...i can't even pick up another baby book. I could probobly write one. I'm trying to find something to do for the next month to keep me sane...but i just keep on eating....AHHHH. WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU'RE BORED?


RIkki - October 1

I think everyone is in the same boat here. Unless you are still working it seems like activities are limited. I am into model building. I bought a couple models and have been putting those together. Also I bought a photo printer and some iron-on transfers and have been making pictures and concert logos and putting them on onsies. I have about 40 so far. You can tell I'm bored! I look forward to a new crossword puzzle inthe paper everyday too! Luckily I only have to do this for a week and a half more! Hope this helps.


lisa - October 1

ive started swimming, makes you feel fantastic floating and ebay searching and buying baby stuff


leslie - October 1

I think I have become a net-addict.... this is where I spend most of my day..also playing with my first baby (my dog) and I also read baby books ;)


leslie - October 1

forgot to add I watch soaperas and Health channel..they have like 3 different shows everyday on birth deliverys..the closer I get to my due date the more nervous I get when atching :)


Erin - October 1

Hello. I like to cook and bake. I have a freezer full of 2 person meals like lasagna, chili and ca__seroles. Not to mention the millions of muffins!!! I have a feeling this will make life easier after my babies!! arrive, and will also help with making hubby's lunch.


Tammy - October 1

I must be doing something wrong. I am so busy, I don't have time to sit down and I do not work. I do have an active 4 yr old and a husband who has his own business. I cannot wait to go into the hospital, for a rest!! I have both of my other kids birthday parties to plan by the end of this month.


! - October 1

I pa__s the time by making baby blankets. I am on my 3rd one. I don't know if you know how to crochet or knit. It really helps to pa__s the time.


leslie - October 1

oh ! I wish I remember hot to knit...I used to know when I was like 10 (my grandma teached me) but I have forgtotten 'cause I never do it, but it used to be so much fun!!


Erin - October 2

I have 4 weeks left and I am working for all 4 of them. I am using my weekends and nights to get everything done right now but if I were at home I'd probably just use the time to do some things that won't be easy to do once the baby comes, like just being able to pick up and go out to lunch or out shopping. I am saving my leave for after the baby but my advice would be to just enjoy every minute because things will change for all of us real soon.


N - October 2

Tammy - i know exactly how you feel! I have a 2yr old, and DH works all the time. We're moving in three weeks, and i'm due in a little over 7 weeks. I have the irresistable urge to set up and organize everything, but instead i have to pack it all up. I feel like i'm getting further away from 'ready' with each box. I can't wait to move already. The sooner the better.


C3 - October 2

I surf the net/Ebay, watch TV, eat, sleep, read books/magazines, talk to family and friends on the phone, play with my baby cat...*sigh not enough time *lol.



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