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xoxticiaxox - February 15

Okay, like every other soon to be mum, I have given up a few things to make me and the baby healthier. I have given up salt (because I go through like a pound a day), and i have also given up pop, because I drink like 2 liters a day (no exageration) I have gained 7 pounds in 3 weeks...and I think thats a little much! The thing is...HOW DO I DO IT?? I have done alright for a few days, but now I would pretty much do anything for a pop, or a big batch of popcorn smuthered in lots of butter and salt MmMmmmm! any suggestions on what I can do to avoid these things?


missycc4 - February 15

I 'm 38 weeks and was gaining a lot of weight and at my last appt I lost weight. I have not changed my eating habits at all. I just watch how much I eat at one setting. I was gaining 6 to 7 pounds a week and now maybe 1 to 2 a week. plus I walk daily. I drink a lot of tea. My sister in law drank mountain dew her whole pregnancy and ate what ever she wanted. Her son was under 8 pounds. I've gained 45 pounds and at my pre-pregnancy weight I'm aloud to gain 35 pounds so I'm a little over but my baby is small with the messurements at the ultrasound. plus right now I'm 38 weeks and messure at 35 so I'm not really worried. My Dr. isn't worried either. you could talk to the dietian at your next appt. She what she has to say about it. hope this helps. It is a good thing that you cut back on the salt.


xoxticiaxox - February 15

Well so far I have gained about 32 pounds, and Im not very happy with that, seeing as I can see where the weight is going! My doctor is nto to worried about me weight gain, because I am tiny...I have never gained more than 3 pounds in my life!!! So this is coming as a suprise to me! Ive never had to watch what I eat! But I dont want to gain anymore weight!


HEATHER - February 15

at 3 weeks to go, I am not doing any watching anymore, enjoy your last few weeks!! then think about it afterwards.


Tammy276 - February 15

32lbs is not a lot of weight to gain when you are pregnant, especially if you started out small... I've always been small and have always fluctuated around 5lbs up or down, but putting on pregnancy weight doesn't bother me because HELLO! I'm pregnant!! I am 34 weeks and have gained 30lbs so far and plan to gain probably another 10. YOu are in your last weeks of pregnancy. Drinking a soda every now and then or eating popcorn w/ b___ter and salt a few times a weeks isn't going to make you pack on the pounds. ( I wouldn't drink 2 liters of soda a day), but have a soda, treat yourself. Don't cut out everything you enjoy because you are pregnant.


Krist - February 15

Hi. Pregnant or not, it's great that you have taken action to cut down your salt intake. As Tammy said, having a treat every now & then shouldn't be a problem. You've probably heard this before - the key is moderation. If you don't want to watch what you eat, you could increase your daily go for a daily 30+ min walk etc. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!


Jadejewels - February 15

they only things I have given up are the occasional drink and smoking. other than that I'm eating what I want. I'm almost 33 weeks and I've gained 18 pounds.


Kristin11 - February 16

Ticia it is hard, i too am gaining weight rapidly so i have been trying to eat better. I too was a smoker and quit also. I miss my mt dew and i have been forcing myself to eat no junk food and i am eating salads for lunch every day. it is hard but i am trying.


xoxticiaxox - February 16

lol, I figured out how to resist! I just have to go to the mirror and look at the horrible horrifying marks on my side from weight gain,....then I dont want what I was craving anymore! Its genious....I guess god made strech marks for a reason after all!


chriss - February 16

I know exactly how you ladies feel. I am almost 37wks have gained about 32 lbs and am so upset about that. I've tried to be very carefull of what I eat, except the last few wks I've had ice cream a couple of time. I haven't had cravings and so haven't eaten junk food in more than a year and a half and still manage to gain weight. I think every women is different, The Dr.'s aren't concerned, it seems normal to have gained this much and yet everyone keeps telling me I look 6mths pregnant, not ready to pop in three wks! I say if you want a treat, have it now without guilt!


Faye84 - February 16

are you drinking enough water? maybe your still getting more salt than what you need and you are starting to retain water. As for me, if I crave something I do eat it, but only a small amount. and if I have something that is salty I drink ALOT of water w/ it. good idea w/ the mirror! hehe I should try that.


xoxticiaxox - February 16

Ya alot of people have told me to drink water, and I guess I should listen. As for the eating alittle bit of what I want...once I have a small taste...nothing stops me lol!



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