How Does Everyone Know How Big Their Baby Is

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klm - October 20

Did your doctor do an u/s?? Where you measuring big to justify one? I am 34 weeks and dieing to know how big they think the little guy is?


Heja - October 20

I feel the same, I'm also 34 and I know I won't have another u/s because the baby's head is down and everything is fine. The doctor just said that he is the right size but what does it mean?!


NG - October 20

HI I am 37 weeks and have no idea how big my baby is all I know is that my tummy is the right size for 37 weeks


holly - October 20

ask your doctor. my dr. pulled out a chart that shows what he should weigh right now based on my measurements. She said if i were to go the full 40 weeks, i am looking at an 8lb 14 oz baby. I am not a large person to begin with so i am sure he won't be quite that large but she has said a few times he's not a small guy. I am measuring about a week and a half larger than my expected due date.


Hello - October 20

I had an ultra sound at 33 weeks and the women that did the u/s said the baby weighed 4 lbs.10 oz. which is supposed to be normal for 33 weeks.


Tonia - October 20

I'm 40 weeks and 4 days and my Dr. told me that my baby weigh at around 7lbs. some Dr.'s can measure your belly or just look at you and come up with an estimated weight. I'll be induced this coming tuesday and I'll know if she was right. I'll let you know.


Kim - October 20

I'm 38.5 weeks and my doctor took measurements through an u/s at 37 weeks, estimating that the baby was 7.5 pounds then. Today they did an estimate by feeling the baby from the outside and stated 8 pounds. I am hoping that I deliver soon if these estimates are close. I am not a big person and this seems to be one big baby!


klm - October 21

but why was an u/s granted this late in pregnancy? Was there a complication?


jo - October 21

I had u/s at 38 weeks and baby was estimated to be 6 1/2 pounds.


Lesley - October 21

My midwife thinks my baby is going to be about 9lb, but I think closer to 10lb.


Jackie - October 21

I am 34 weeks and am measuring at 34 weeks. I went to the dr yesterday and was told that baby is about 4.5 lbs which is normal...


Brachah - October 21

To answer your question, during an ultrasound they measure several things to "estimate" the baby's size/weight ... they measure the head (diameter and circ_mference), the tummy (ditto) and the length of the femur bone ... and the combination of these measurements allow the doctor/tech to make an educated guess. For instance, at 33 weeks they estimated our baby at 5 lbs 1 oz ... and now at 35 weeks, the baby is measuring at 6 lbs 5 oz ... given our situation, they are now talking about taking the baby early (next week) via c-section because the baby has proven healthy and "ready" ... anyway, hope this layman explanation helped as far as ultrasounds go and how they make their guess-timations.


klm - October 21

I understand how they measure via the U/S, I was wondering why so many women were getting an u/s this late in pregnancy since most insurances won't allow it unless medically necesarry, and what the medical reason was for the doctor to use. My doc just says I'm measuring normal but no other information in regards to size is given.


N - October 21

My ultrasound at 32 weeks showed my baby was measuring large too. I have had most of my ultrasounds for both pregnancies in the last trimester for various reasons. With my first son I had one at 35 weeks because I was measuring small and they wanted to know why.. I had a follow-up u/s at 37 weeks to check amniotic fluids and to make sure the baby was still growing. With this pregnancy I had one at 32 weeks to make sure I didn't have problems with the amniotic fluid again, and I have another one next week (36 weeks) because this baby measured really large and I want a VBAC this time, which I can't have if he's too big. They are also going to check on my scar tissue at the next u/s.


susie - October 21

My baby was measuring just over 6lb at 34weeks... they told me my baby could be about 9lb when born... im having really bad pains in my side lately so i hope its not cos hes really big


michelle - October 22

i got and ultrasound at 36 weeks and my baby was 7lbs and 3 oz. i am being induced at 38 weeks


lisa - October 22

noone knows, ive heard so many of stories of pepole who have been induced early due to a 10 pounder only to find that baby is 7 half 8 pounds, its only estimate, about as accurate as your due date!



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