How Does It Feel When The Baby Has Dropped

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M - March 14

I am 35 1/2 weeks pregnant and am wondering whether the baby has started to drop. I had to go to the toilet more than I normally do last night (was up about 8-10 times during the night) and I feel her little hands very, very low. I have also started to waddle when I walk!!!! Is it a very obvious feeling when the baby has dropped???


^lucy^ - March 14

hi M, im almost 30 weeks pregnancy with my first baby so i still haven't experienced the feeling when the baby drops,, but from what i've read in here they say that the pressure is no longer on ur ribs and will shift to ur bladder and u can breath much easier when the baby drops and will have to go more frequently to the toilet.. 8-10 time sound like aLOT so probably ur baby has dropped :) good luck!!


jas - March 14

I wouldn't say it's obvious - at least, it's not to me... I have to pee that often, people have said it looks like I am carrying lower (I am almost 38 weeks) I waddle, but I havn't really "noticed" anything. Like others who say they can tell, I personally can't....


Nicole - March 14

Hi, I'm just going into week 36 and since yesterday I have this constant pressure on my pelvis, it actually kind of hurts. I have a feeling baby's head is moving further down, I don't know what else it would be, but it's making it much more uncomfortable to walk. I can still feel his feet in my ribs so I don't think baby could have moved too far down though!


Romi - March 14

I'm 35 weeks and last night I could not lie on either side in bed without feeling pressure or pain in my pelvic area. I sit and feel lots of pressure today and find that I am waddling a whole lot more than I did yesturday! I'm sure the baby has dropped. Sitting and standing up is very unconftorable for me today.


Chan - March 14

I noticed A LOT of presure down low, and plus you could just tell by looking at me.


Summer - March 15

I'm 33 1/2 weeks pregnant and just within the past week my belly has literally dropped, it looks like it is pointing at the ground. There is so much pressure in my pelvis and it hurts to walk. I have been feeling shooting pain down there more than usual and I have to pee every 15 minutes. I'm not sure if I can take another 6 weeks of this!


Nicole - March 15

My feelings exactly!!


JennyC - March 15

I am 39 weeks and the doctor said she still hasn't dropped. People have commented that she looks lower, and there is less pressure on my ribs, lungs and stomach, so I thought maybe she had ,but apparently not. But I do still have new pains down below, like shooting pains in my v____a when she moves over a nerve, or severe upper,inner thigh pain when I walk sometimes, or even a strange pressure on my pelvis. So I got all those pains and she still hasn't dropped! I'm not sure what it will feel like ,but I've ready that you can feel them between your legs and sometimes it feels like they're going to fall out (although they won't). good luck and I hope for your sake that your baby has dropped!


Daytona - March 21

I am 37 weeks and i think my baby has dropped. i get the sharp little pains down below at certain times when she moves..its more of a fright then pain. her legs are still way up tho..but yeh i think i have dropped.



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