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jennifer_33106 - October 6

I asked this on the 2nd trimester forum and got a few reponses but not many so maybe you guys can help. I am 20 weeks and want to start looking into birthing classes. How soon did you take them and In your opinion, what method is better, Bradley or Lamaze? Also, what are prenatal classes? Is that where you learn to take care of an infant because I may need that... Thanks guys!!


synesthesia1821 - October 6

i have some cla__ses scheduled for around the end of this month...just because that's when i ended up finding out about them... im 34 weeks and 3 days. not lamaze or bradley but just stuff they offered at the hospital: postpartum care, caring for your newborn, and b___stfeeding cla__ses. but im gonna cancel the b___stfeeding cla__s because im not gonna be able to b___stfeed anymore. i dont know if maybe i should look into lamaze or not... never really took it seriously... but that's just when the hospital was offering them, so that's when i scheduled them.


jennifer_33106 - October 6

They offer all that!? haha there is so much I dont know!! Where do you go in the hospital to find out the schedules? L & D?


synesthesia1821 - October 6

well what im doing right now is looking on the hospital website to see what they offer.. so i would suggest going to their website. the cla__ses have a fee, but its not that much, and apparently they have reduced fees for people with my insurance too, so that's good... =] there's a breathing and relaxation cla__s that im thinking about and its $40 without the tenncare [my insurance] rate.


synesthesia1821 - October 6

gooood this site is frustrating about the urls. thats the only thing i dont like about these why wouldnt you be able to post helpful websites for pregnancy?!?! i mean, i could understand if it was myspace or something. lol. but yeah the hospital offers all these cla__ses for fees, but theyre not much, and some have discounted rates for those with different types of insurance.


jennifer_33106 - October 6

Oh ok great!! Which breathing cla__s are you going to take? I dont know much about one or the other except Sarah told me that the Bradley method is where your DH/BF is the coach.


synesthesia1821 - October 7

well im a single mom so if thats the case im gonna look into lamaze. i looked on my hospitals website and they offer breathing/relaxation but not lamaze... i dont know really where to look other then that to find cla__ses... mabe if i dig around the site some more then ill find other links like lamaze cla__ses and stuff. i dont honestly know much about either of the cla__ses.. im gonna look em up. i dont know if its necessary or not... i mean, you can probably have just as successful delivery without them. but im gonna look into it. =]


Pipa - October 7

We were told in my "Prepared Childbirth Cla__s" (most of which was sort of common sense to me) that doctors don't prefer the lamaze type of breathing these days and tend to encourage slower deep breathing which I think (could be wrong) is more of a Bradley thing but the Bradley method is more than just breathing it is a whole approach to labor gearing towards more natural. In my cla__s we did a little bit of it all. Also, I asked my ob about cla__ses and she told me where to go to get registered and when I should. They fill up fast so might want to get signed up early. Hospital websites usually are great sources of info too as mentioned earlier that's a__suming your hospital has one.


DDT - October 7

Df and myself took a pre-natal cla__s when I was 30 wks. It went through the labour processes, possible complications, drugs offered during labour, ma__sage & positional techniques during labour and basic baby care. We didn't delve into any breathing techniques as the nurse (she has had 5 kids) giving the cla__s believed it was baloney (and so do I) because when you're in labour you're not going to be thinking about your breathing. This is just my opinion as I'm sure breathing techniques have helped some women. I am glad I took the cla__s because it prepared me for the real thing.


emfine99 - October 7

I'm 33 weeks and I was thinking of taking cla__ses next weekend which would put me at 34 weeks, but I'm not sure I'm going to do them or not because DH can't come because he has to work. I didn't start thining about them until I was in the 3rd trimester though, about 28 weeks.


jennifer_33106 - October 7

Thanks so much! I would like to have a natural childbirth but if need be I am not afraid to ask for drugs. haha so maybe Bradley wouldnt be for me. I went to the hospitals website and it seemed very basic and I couldnt find any info there at all. Tomorrow I have an u/s though and am gonna inquire. Thank you guys for responding. To tell the truth, right now, I am more interested in the child preparation cla__ses then anything else. haha I was thinking about that and couldnt imagine myself trying to concentrate on breathing. I am still gonna look into them and will go if they are resonable and not full but I think I really want to go to some new born type based cla__s. I have never been around babies really let alone newborns. :)


sahmof3 - October 7

I took Lamaze starting at about 30 weeks with my oldest. Learning about the stages of labor was good, the breathing, well... when I finally got to the delivery room it just irritated me having people trying to tell me how to breathe. I found the whole focal point thing to be irritating also. It just seemed to make time slow down to have to stare at one thing for 1/2 hour, an hour, 1 1/2 hours...ugh! I kind of turned inward and just dealt with it my own way that helped (well, as much as it can in that kind of pain). I was induced and my labor was really, really bad. No time b/w ctxns., but I managed to make it for 9 hours after being induced (and 20 hours into my labor) before I got the epi. I had no choice b/c for awhile I was in too much pain to even think to be able to ask for an epi and then when a nurse finally said I needed one to stop me from pushing (as I was only 1/2 cm.) it still took over another hour for the anesthesiologist to be available. I had a c-section, but had decided that if I had a VBAC for #2 I was not going to take any cla__ses. I knew the stages of labor and I knew that in the end I would just end up doing whatever I needed to in the moment and not have to worry about concentrating on/remembering what someone else said was going to work for pain relief lol. I ended up finding out during my pregnancy with baby # 2 that I have scarring of the cervix and it was too thick for me to be able to dilate, so I had scheduled c-sections with the next two and didn't have to worry about it! Our hospital didn't offer Bradley or Lamaze, but they referred us to the health center that did. They offered a PP cla__s, a bfing cla__s, an infant care cla__s and a siblings cla__s (for preparing older kids and helping mom know how to handle two or more).


alirenee86 - October 7

I took Lamaze around 25 weeks. It was informing but more fun than anything else believe it or not. Just to see what everyone else is going through and to hear their questions are so similar to your own. The most useful thing I did take out of it is to hold your stomach muscles down after they tell you to stop pushing so that the baby doesn't get 'sucked' back up. Best way I could descibe is to 'hold it' when they tell you to stop breathing. I don't want to have a baby with a cone shaped head and they said that's what will help avoid that!!


alirenee86 - October 7

Plus, it doesn't seem as much about breathing or focusing or any of that as much as it does having the right mind set and threshold for pain. If you don't panic and know that your body is supposed to be feeling this pain, I believe you'll get through it more mind over matter...god, I hope that doesn't sound naive...this is my first!!


AngelinLuv - October 7

In my handout, it said to schedule your cla__ses in your fifth month and take them in your seventh/eighth month. We forget and kept putting it off, so we just registered a week ago. We'll be 33 weeks when we start.



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