How Fast Does The 3rd Trimester Go

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Lacy - September 20

I feel so gross. For people or are almost done, or have had kids, how fast/slow does this last part go by? I'm 27 weeks!


Nicole - September 20

I found that the first 2 months of the 3rd trimester went quickly, but the last month is draaaaaaaaaaagggging. I'm 38 weeks now, and every day seems like an eternity. 2 weeks seems like forever away. I remember it felt the same with my first pregnancy. I was 10 days overdue, and every day seemed like a week. I know that that's probably not what you want to hear, but it was my experience. Good luck, and try to keep as busy as possible to pa__s the time!


HP - September 21

The closer you are, the more dragging it is. You know, when you're so ready and anxious for the babe to come out, time seems to stop still. I'm 38 wk 2 days, no signs yet.


Julie - September 21

This is my second and it went much slower than the first. The last trimester for me has gone slow and I still have 3 weeks to go!


Barb - September 21

slow...slow...slow...the days are dragging and I'm getting anxious...and I'm almost 36 weeks. Trying to keep busy, that's all you can do...and talking with everyone here helps ALOT!! :)


tracy - September 21

i'm finding it to be pretty slow - and i still have 8 weeks to go! i guess a part of it is the idea of "a watched pot never boils" ... i try to keep as busy as i can so time will fly by!


KC - September 21

I feel like I've been pregnant for at least 2 years! LOL


LOL - September 21



Tigerphoenix - September 21

Not fast enough! Get her out!!!! Arrrrrrrgggghhhhhhh!!! LOL I'm 35 weeks and sooooo ready for her to be born. Not just so I can hold her but so I can go about my day without feeling like im falling apart.


nat - September 21

Hello Lacy, I am 33 weeks and the last trimester has gone slow so far, I think it is because my activitys have slowed down so I get bored often. I hope my baby comes at 27-28 weeks so I can see her , like my son did, then I am sure time will speed up 100%


Justine - September 21

I'm 33 weeks and the last few weeks seem to have gone by very fast. However, I've just moved house which has kept me busy. I feel fine physically but have started becoming hormonal and obsessive cleaning though - I think its nesting. Can't wait to give birth (not the labour bit though!!).


sian - September 21

im nearly 36 weeks and time has seemed to go soooo fast! but no doubt it will drag from here on - it did with my last two! goodluck!


Tammy - September 22

It doesn't go by at all. I am counting the week and days so Iit really seem slow. I have 5 weeks and 1 day to go. I really want him out but at my ultrasound 2 weeks ago, he was only 4pounds, 13 ounces so I guess I will have to be patient. I' just so tired and I cannot stand not being able to do the things I am used to. I cannot even tie my own shoes.


belle - September 22

SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW! I feel like I have been pregnant for my whole life! I don't even remember what it is like not to be pregnant anymore! I am 38 weeks and so ready to have this little guy!!!!!!!


jess - September 22

fast!! for me its too fast!! but i am still working, just moved and trying 2 set up a nursery, so still so much to do!!!!! i am 36 weeks and need more time!!


Nicole - September 22

For me the last trimester went by slow for both my boys. I am now pregnant with my third and at 34 weeks. This has been the worst. After the baby comes of course you then say .....Man it all went by so fast but in the waiting I'd have to say sorry slow.


michele - September 23

im 32 weeks & im miserable its going so slow!



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