How In The World Do You Paint Your Toenails

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Prissanna - July 1

I just painted mine and they look like my 6 yr. old did it! So sad.


Laurabb4 - July 1

Go and get a pedicure! It is so nice and relaxing and worth it! If you can stand others touching your feet.


livdea - July 1

I had a pedi the other day but I wasn't satisfied so I sit in the monkey position, feet in and legs totally spread! Also known as a b___tterfly stretch! Works for me and I'm 38.5 weeks! GOOD LUCK! but yeah, go get a pedi!


Deb - July 1

Very carefully. I just did mine the other day and it was the hardest thing I have done in a long time. I used a little bench to prop up my leg and sat like Livdea said with legs wide apart. I agree with the girls that you should just go get a pedi. I would have, but it was booked everywhere and I needed them done for yesterday for my baby shower.


SuzieQ - July 1

lol - my dh is now in for pedicure training :) He's pretty good too! With summer here, I hate having ugly feet and he's willing to spoil me


Angiconda - July 1

I totally say go get a pedicure!! Just be careful when they are ma__saging because there are places (i think on your ankel) that can cause contractions. I have had several pedis so far with this pregnancy and I LOVE them!!


Mingill - July 1

Pedicure at the salon or I'm getting my DH to paint them at some point, although I have my doubts, it may still look like a 6 yr did it LOL.


Erynn21 - July 2

I have been getting a pedi once a month it feels good and my feet are pretty, which makes me happy.


krc - July 2

i am 35 weeks and just painted my toe nails today !!! It wasn't that bad and I did a good job !!!


ChannY - July 2

LOL omg i remembered that...i have had trouble doing that when i was pregnant..i was soo bad at it and i almost wanna cry because i was big..LOL know what's the worse?? shaving legs!!! it got me frustrated thats for sure.


Tanna - July 2

I was just complaining to my husband yesterday that I need mine done again, and sadly, I can't reach.


Kara H. - July 2

Fortunately I have a girlfriend who paints my toes for me since my husband does such a bad job. But I did need a touch up the other day and I found the best way was to put my foot up on a chair then lean my knee outwards so I could lean my body in closer to my foot. It got the job done.


falafal0 - July 2

I simply don't! I'd get a pedicure though if I needed to. My DH has had to put my socks and shoes on for me, or tie the laces up because I can't bend down or balance while my leg is on something - they come in handy, men, don't they?!


starr - July 4

Well that was impossible for me.I probably would've pa__s out due to lack of oxygen.So I got a pedicure.My baby is 17 days old now and I've been planning to remove this old polish from the last pedi that I got, just haven't gotten around to it yet.


dy - July 6

pedicures are the way to go. but if that's not an option just put aside about 30 to 40 minutes to do it. my polish from my last pedi was coming off and i had to wear sandals. i'm not exactly sure how i positioned myself, but i managed to reach them. of course once i reached them getting the old polish off and new polish on was quite a task. time consuming, but they looked good when they were done


mary70131 - July 7

I am actually going to get a pedicure tomorrow.I have almost 7 weeks to go and definitely cant reach my toes.My husband is treating me to a day of pampering.


DeeJay - July 8

I look like a dog chasing its tail!! I sit on the ground and tuck my leg beside me and reach.. but then I start turning around, its hard to describe, but quite a sight, it made me laugh anyway! I'm going for a pedicure this week!!!



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