How Long Before They Check If Your Dialated

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amya - January 30

I am 32w5d pregnant. Just wondering when they check your cervix... for dialation? Thanks


Danielle26 - January 30

Most doctors won't check until you're at least 37 weeks, though there are a lot of them that won't until you're 40. I guess it just depends on the doctor.


Lia - January 30

Usually they start checking between 35 and 36 weeks. Most doctors will do your Group B Strep test at 36 weeks. From that point on you will most likely get your cervix checked.


amya - January 30

Thanks.... I was just wondering because I read a post where a mama said next appt, she was going to have doc see if she dialated at all and she is only 31 weeks.


Tammy276 - January 30

most doctors will check at the 36 weeks appt. when they do the group B strep test like Lia said, then they will check at every appt. after that. Some doctors don't check at all.....The post you read was probably mine. I am 31w5d and had my appt. today and the doctor checked me...only because I woke up Saturday with contractions, so she wanted to make sure that nothing had started...I also had the FFN test done to see if I am at risk for preterm labor, but I won't get those results back until tomorrow.


DDT - January 30

I thought I would be checked at 37 wks (I'm 37wk2d) but I found out today that I won't be checked until I go over my due date. My doc says that she doesn't want to unneccessarily "fiddle" down there.


Danielle26 - January 30

Every doctor is different. I was having preterm labor signs at 33 weeks, but my OB wouldn't touch my cervix because it can actually irritate it into dilating more. I'm 37 weeks and still haven't been checked yet, so I have no idea if I'm dilated at all. I know it doesn't really mean anything, but it's still nice to know if something is going on down there! lol


crystal74 - January 31

wow, i am 36 weeks tomorrow and then i have an appt thursday, so we'll see if she checks me. i hope she does and she says i'm dialated and then sends me to have my baby :):):):)


Tammy276 - January 31

haha....crystal, I wish it were that easy!! You can walk around dialated for weeks girl!! Thats why some doctors don't find it necessary to check for dilation and effacement.


lilslettebak - January 31

I had an appointment today....38 weeks 5 days, and I am now a fingertip dialated, which isn't much....but my dr has been checking me for about 3 weeks it all kinda depends on the dr themselves


crystal74 - January 31

darn tammy, you crushed me, LOL. well keep your fingers crossed for me anyways :)



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