How Long Could This Last

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angelinakai - September 20

I went to the dr this morning bc i had some fluid leak out. it ended up just being more of my mucus plug. but, i have been having regular contractions every 5-7 minutes for 9 1/2 hours. does anyone have any idea how long this could last before it gets to every 2-3 minutes?


angelinakai - September 20

Does anyone know... could it be days or hours? This is my first so I have no idea what to expect.


LN - September 20

Everyone is different, so there is no way to tell. But if they have been regular for the last 9 hours, I would say you are getting there. With my first I went to the hospital when I realized my contractions were only 3 minutes apart, but even then I was at the hospital for a looooong time. Even though the contractions were regular, they were not very strong. My midwife said that the time to go to the hospital is when they really feel very painful, then the hard work has really started. Sorry I cannot give you a definite answer, everyone is so different. But it sounds like it will not be very long at all for you! :)


DDT - September 20

It's hard to say because every woman is different. My contractions basically started at 2-3 mins apart after 4hrs of cramping. They then became very painful after my water broke. The only time my contractions slowed down was after my epidural and they went down to every 5 mins apart. As LN has said even once you're down to 2-3 mins apart it doesn't mean your labour will be short/or any shorter. It took me 17hrs to get from 0-10cm dilated. I probably could have stayed home a few more hrs than I did but I was tested + for GBS so had to get the antibiotics once my water broke. Once you can't talk at all through a contraction would be a good time to get to the hospital or call your L&D ward for advice.


angelinakai - September 21

thank you guys so much. i just am clueless about what is supposed to happen :)



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