How Long Do You Wait To Be Seen At Check Ups

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sugarbunnie - August 30

ok i am 32 weeks and have been going to the doctor every two weeks but recently i have been waiting a really long time to be seen my previous appointment i was an the doctors office an hour and a half! and this last one today i waited an hour! is this usual? it makes me crazy i cant sit still that long i guess the reason im asking is cause it is really starting to upset me! ( they even called three women who showed up after me first!)


J - August 30

I guess I am lucky I am always seen minutes after arrival. Perhaps you need to talk to the office about their scheduling. That would make me mad at 32 weeks sitting their waiting.


L - August 30

I've never had to wait more than 20 mins.... and I'm usually only in the room for no more than 5 mins before she comes in and 5 mins while she's in the room.


Sonya - August 30

From what I understand the Dr.'s do overbook, but you also have to consider if there is more than one Dr. in the office the other woman getting called back coulc be seeing a different Dr. Also, your Dr. could be delivering a baby, which you can't get around-they come whenever they want. I think if it happens every time then there is a problem, but if it is only happens occasionally, then I would let it slide.


Brooke - August 30

Man, I was going to post something about this. I had an appointment today and waited 30 minutes to get back to the room, then ANOTHER hour to see the doctor. Trust me, I was p__sed! And if I didn't just LOVE both doctors, I would certainly go somewhere else..... It drives me crazy... When did you all start going every two weeks???? I'm 27 weeks and now they want to see me every 2 weeks. That seems really often for so early to me, but what do I know!!


susie - August 30

Im 30weeks pregnant. the longest ive ever had to wait at my doctors is 15mins. thats cause she was over due on the last person before me.I think it is just your doctors hun. i would seriously talk it through with them telling them that you are 32weeks pregnant and that it is hard enough to sit and wait without having to be seen a hour after you meant to be there.


michelle - August 31

we must have the same doctor.


Mary - August 31

I'm 29 weeks and will now start seeing my doctor every 2 weeks instaed of once a month. I must be lucky because often I'll just walk in the door and they take me right back. However my appointments are always in the AM. Maybe that helps. Good luck and health to all :-)


Jennifer - August 31

I just recently moved to Florida a month ago. When I went to the doc in Arkansas (at a smaller hospital with less staff) I had to wait 1-2 hours to be seen. Now that Im down here (hospital in Jacksonville) I normally only wait 10-25 minutes. But they have 23 docs where I go now. So that probably has a lot to do with it, their patient/staff ratio.


Tammy - August 31

I never wait more than 5-10 minutes. At my practice, if they are backed up for some reason, they will give you the option to see a nurse practioner immediately. I go to a very large practice and they always have 4 doctors and 4 NP there at all times.


C - August 31

I wait 5-20 minutes, depending on what time of day the appointment is. If I am the first appointment of the day, then there is no wait.


Tami - August 31

i usually only wait about 10 minutes. once I waited for about an hour, but my doctor was doing a delivery at another hospital that was farther away, so that is why it took so long. I have been really impressed with the scheduling there.


Maggie - August 31

I always have to wait at least an hour to be seen by my doc. Its really alright with me though because my doc is the greatest, and will spend as much time with me as I need. I also live in nyc, so his patient load is quite large.


Kay - September 1

I have the same problem the logest i waited was 2 hours and the average time i actaully get into see my docter is 1 hour. It is very annoying i am 38 weeks pregnant and has been like this since i was 26 weeks. Its even more frustrating now that i have to go in every week sometimes even twice in a week ( due to high blood pressure )


NG - September 1

I always try to make my apointments in the morning first thing if possible that way there is less chance that the doctor is running late. So far the longest wait was 15mins



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