How Long Will You Breast Feed

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Jenn2 - June 2

As long as everything goes OK. I would like to br___tfeed/pump for the first 4 to 6 months of my babys life. then around 6 months I know you can start adding solids, and the baby will still drink a few bottles per day. At that point I will see how I feel, and I may just switch to formula + solids. What are other women doing?


moucheka - June 2

I will b___stfeed exclusively for six months then start some solids, continuing with b___stfeeding till at least a year. In my culture ( I am Australian, though living in the US) b___stfeeding for at least a year is normal. Of course we get 1 year maternity leave - nothing like that here in the US!


lindsay - June 2

i plan to try and go at least 6 months, i did w/my son, but this time i have a medela double electric pump, so even if i wean her from the b___st by 6 months, i may continue to pump her milk for another 6... i figure i'll still save a ton on formula since she can't have cow's milk til 1 year anyways, and i can continue to burn those calories from b___stfeeding, even if it isn't straight from the cow!! :-)


Atarahsmommy - June 2

I plan on exlusivly b___st feeding for the first six months and then doing solids puls b___st feeding for at least the next 6 months, would like to keep feeding a little past a year, but I haven't done it yet, so we'll see when a year rolls around


krista-lee - June 2

im gonna be brestfeeding and formula feeding for the summer, then when i go back to school he/she will stick to the formula : ) id love to be able to b___stfeed for about 4or5 months though


Nerdy Girl - June 3

You will have to see how it goes. If you haven't already visited the b___stfeeding forum, you may not realize some of the struggles that can come along with b___stfeeding. I successfully b___stfed my daughter for a full year, but the first month was LIVING HELL. Be prepared for some pain and just don't give up! It does get so much easier once you get through the rough part in the beginning. Because I was able to stick it out and b___stfeed my daughter so long, I naturally a__sumed that I would be able to do the same with my son. This was not the case. He was a horrible b___stfeeder and had a bunch of other feeding related issues. I stuck with it for 6 weeks and was totally miserable, bawling all the time, actually went to a psychologist because I thought I was clinically depressed or having some post partum stuff going on. I took my son off the b___st at 6 weeks and pumped for 6 more weeks before I switched him over to formula. My son is 6 months old now and is a huge healthy happy baby. I guess that in hindsight the advice I would give new moms is that there is no right or wrong when it comes to b___stfeeding or really any other controversial infant care issues. You need to experience things with your baby to determine what is best for your particular situation. And you are the mom, so you know your child best, and don't let anyone judge you for your choices. I wish you all the best of luck!


krc - June 4

i plan on b___stfeeding eclusively for 6 months or longer. When he is ready for solids I will give im home made solids. He will go straight from b___stmilk to juice and water. I will not give him formula or cereals. I dont believe it is necessary. I also will be a stay home mom so I will have the time to prepare all his food naturally.


Jenn2 - June 4

Has anyone ever fed their baby b___stmilk, but pumped mostly instead of the baby feeding at the b___st? a__suming you have one of the faster more expensive pumps, and ample supply of milk?


mama-beans - June 4

I plan to b___st feed as long as he wants to.. or till 1.5 years, which ever comes first. My daughter weaned herself at 10 months... would only take a sippy then. I hope he goes till closer to a year+ but you never know!


Evonna - June 4

I will b___stfeed up until 7 months then do both formula & b___st feeding depending on what job i have and what college i'll be attending.


Trinity102203 - June 4

not b___stfeeding at all is what I'm doing. OUCH!


mishy - June 5

I b___st fed for 11 mths at which point my son weened himself.. I went back to work when he was 12 weeks and used just one of the cheaper manual pumps to express. I was lucky and able to express about 1 litre per day, until he started solids at 5 mths which reduced my supply a bit. He took to the b___st milk from a bottle without any trouble for dad/day care and fed directly from me if I was home.


Emily - June 5

I b___st feed exclusively for around 6 months. Then I added juices and rice cereal followed by fruits and veggies. I continued to b___stfeed though until my dd was 11 months. then I quite only cause I was getting tired of paumping at work. I was just going to give her whole milk while I was away and b___stfeed while I was with her, but as soon as she was taking the milk, she refused to nurse. The whole milk filled her better. It jsut depends on what works for you and how comfortable you are with the different options. Do wha ti s right for you, but I recomend trying to nurse as long as you can. I personally would have weaned my d after 12mos if she didn't do it herself....


Laurabb4 - June 5

I will b___stfeed only. I introduce a cup at 6 months along with solids. I only pump for the first 2 weeks while my milk is coming in and baby is getting used to nursing. I do not enjoy pumping. There can be challenges with b___stfeeding. Hang in there it does get easier as you and baby work together. Good luck to all of you.


Nerdy Girl - June 5

Jenn2, regarding your question about exclusively pumping - yes, a lot of people do this. It is very difficult but it can certainly be done. A newborn feeds constantly, so you have to imagine doubling the time you will be spending on feedings because you will be both pumping and then bottle feeding. There are a bunch of website for exclusive pumpers, info on this forum in the b___stfeeding section, and also info on I pumped exclusively for 6 weeks after 6 weeks of miserable "at the b___st" b___stfeeding experience with my 2nd baby. All I can tell you is that I have no idea how the exclusive pumpers do it because those 6 weeks were very tiring. I also have a 3-year-old to take care of, so for me it was extremely difficult to find the extra time to both bottle feed and pump. My milk supply went down gradually over those 6 weeks, and then I just switched to 100% formula. Anyone out there been able to exclusively pump long term????


Jamie - June 7

Nerdy Girl, I know someone. Her baby girl was due the same day as mine, August 11, 2005. Unfortunately, her little girl was born April 25, 15 weeks early. She (baby) is now 13 months old and has never had formula. Being a micropremie, in the early months, she was fed by a syringe, and then when she was big enough/strong enough to nurse at the b___st, she was unable to - too used to the bottle. But, at 13 months, she still gets b___st milk in a bottle, in addition to solid foods. Mom is a SAHM to her and a 4 year old.


livdea - June 8

I'm going to try and b___st feed for a year, at least. My dr is telling me to go for only about 6 months but the benefits of going as long as you can are pretty high, so I'm going for a year! We'll see what happens!



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