How Many Are Tired Of Waiting

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mommy356 - January 26

I am 34w+4d, and I am so tired of waiting for my baby to come out. Being pregnant is great and all, but it seems like I've been pregnant forever. I have 5 weeks left, and I am getting impatient. Anyone else feel like they can't wait anymore?


JennyC - January 26

yes, I've never had time move so slowly in my life. I'm only 32 weeks and I swear I look at the calendar at least 15 times a day. I definitely want her to stay in there and cook until she's healthy, but the waiting is getting really old. There's this big huge change that's going to come up in my life, and I'm just so anxious to see what its going to be like.


jb - January 26

Me, me!!!! I am 37 weeks and the waiting is sooo hard. Especially after 30 weeks. It seems like you have been preg forever and still have forever to go. I finally have a light at the end of the tunnel though. I am 1&1/2 centimeters dilated and 80% effaced. My baby is pretty big so I have an ultrasound next week and depending on the size of the baby I might be induced next week. YEA!!! So just hang in there. It will happed soon enough, but I know the waiting is torture.


Amber - January 26

I am 31 weeks and I am ready for pregnancy to end with a new bundle of joy! I just want the whole labor experience over with so I don't keep having nightmares and stressing over it. Hang in there everyone! it will come all too soon.


Ginny - January 26

Torture is exactly the word!! It's hard to remember that hazy time before I was pregnant, when I had a decent wardrobe and walked upright! At this point (40 wks + 6 days) it's a toss up of what I want more : to not be pregnant anymore or to meet my little girl!


andrea - January 26

yep! I'm 34 weeks and look at the calendar about 200 times a day. Thinking ooohh, maybe I missed a week or two and I'm actually 35 or 36 weeks pregnant. It's always the same though.


JennyC - January 26

YES, andrea! I do that too! maybe I missed a week! like I haven't been counting the days since I was 28 weeks. ridiculus


Kel - January 26

I'm only 30 weeks, but I feel like I have been pregnant FOREVER! I do the same as you girls, hoping I missed a week somewhere. Then I always count how many weeks I have left in case I was wrong or something....I'm so anxious to meet this little one. I want her to cook, but I am soooo impatient!


mommy356 - January 26

Its good to know I'm not the only anxious one out there. Our time will come, just not when we want it i guess. Congrats to those who have theirs soon. Any tips on how to pa__s the time besides checking the calendar? Yes, i do it too. lol


Marlene - January 26

I'll be 32wks tomorrow and feel the same way. I almost feel bad b/c I want him to stay in there as long as he needs to but i just want to hold and kiss him so bad(plus I'm really starting to get uncomfortable). I wish there was a way to take them out and play w/them for a little bit then put them back until they are fully mature. I think 40wks is just way too long!!


LFER - January 26

Absolutely, I love my baby girl, but Im tired of being pregnant! It sounds confusing but its true!


mel - January 26

I like Marlene's idea. I told my husband it would be cool if I could put the baby in HIM for awhile so that I could take a break. sigh......


jen - January 26

Oh I know how you all feel, I am 35wks and I just want him to come out!!! I hate being preggo, I just want my body back =( and I want to meet him so bad, I just want to hold him in my arms!!! Will this ever end????


Lindsay - January 26

ME TOO. Im so so tired of being preg. I try to think that this will be my only child and I ONLY have maybe 7 or so more weeks of my life Ill ever be preg so I should enjoy it but no its not working. Im tired of hearing my friends who just gave birth tell me how they miss being preg now and never thought they would. YEAH you walk around in your 'normal' jeans saying that...I just dont think Ill be one of the women who miss it. I think itll be way more fun when the baby is out. I hope I go into early labor (preTERM, not premature) 7 weeks seems like eternity squared. Whats worse is my job just cut down my hours and I have NOTHING to occupy my time now. I used to spend all my extra time at the gym working out or socializing in the sauna, but I cant even do that, Im listless. What do you gals do to pa__s your time?


Amber - January 26

I have 18 days (inbetween!) till my due date. Ive been waiting to count the days, and ive started now, the cheater way of course, not counting the actual day or today! I have stopped working, so i spend a lot of time reading online, trying to get myself preped for this whole mom thing. I have started cooking dinner earlier and earlier every day, hoping that the night will come faster, and the next day. I also started making decorations for the little doods room. I have cleaned EVERYTHING in my house, done ALL my laundry (including summer clothes) and everynight i come up with some excuse why i think im about to have the baby. "Ouch! that hurts, i must be in labor!" (after stubbing my toe :P) But the one thing that occupies most of my time is the constant swelling and reduction of my feet. Its really like a game. I see how long i can not have them up, then go put them up. So far im at 3 hours down, 1 hour up! thats the max and minimum... LOL im so pregnant brain.... ohh look! Something shiny! LOLOL


shelly - January 26

I'm soooo tired of being pregnant, it just really hit me this week. I'm due Feb. 12th, so I have 17 days left!! I go to the doc in the morning and I'm praying that I'm dialated or something!! My back is killing me along with my feet. I've been off work for 3 weeks now and I'm getting pretty bored. I try and still go to the gym atleast 3 times a week and I walk for an hour each time, I'm always hoping that it will speed things up!!


erin - January 26

I'm 31 weeks, almost 32, and I am tired of waiting. Not that I'm very uncomfortable or anything yet, things are still going well, but pregnancy is getting old and I want to see my baby! The end of March seems like forever away! I'm trying to keep busy but there's only so much to do.



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