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Jessica NY - January 25

Hi everyone, I'm just under 39 weeks, I have gestational diabetes, hypertension and severe edema so I was sent today for an ultrasound and NST in preparation for me being induced. I was wondering how many people are expecting to be induced and how you feel about it? I for one have mixed feelings about it, on one hand I'm overjoyed that this nightmare of a pregnancy is over (the only part I've enjoyed is feeling my little boy move and kick around inside me) but at the same time a little disappointed that I won't be making a "panicked call" to hubby at work, or waking him in the middle of the night to surprise him with the news that I'm going into labor. Does that seem odd? I just feel so close to the end that inducing labor seems disappointing, although I must admit I won't be turning it down, I'm way too uncomfortable at this point, bed rest is driving me dotty. Anyway, let me know how you all feel.


Beth - January 25

Hi Jessica. I know how you feel! I don't know for sure yet but at my last appt my dr said that if I have not progressed by my next appt (which is this friday) then we will plan an induction for the 1st or 2nd of Feb. I don't have any major problems but they are just concerned about my sons size. I guess my pubic bones are slightly turned in and they are afraid if I go overdue I will need a c-sec. My due date is actually feb 3rd or 5th but they think he will go late if they don't induce. I am a little dissappointed because I want him to come when he is ready! I mean I am ready heck yea but babies are supposed to come when they are ready. I really wish nature could just take its course. On the other hand it will be nice to not have to I in this supposed to happen...etc. What you are saying isn't odd. I understand.


Karen NY - January 25

Hi Jessica. I am also being induced due to gestational diabetes on Feb. 7th (38th week). I am happy because I am going to be well-prepared (hair, nails, shave, etc.) and all the family knows when to come and will be there to see the baby on the first day, but I understand what you mean about not having the dramatic part. I am kind of missing that also. I wanted everything to be normal. The good thing is, most inductions are pretty short compared to normal labor, although supposedly more instense. I'll take shorter over longer any day.


Ginny - January 25

I feel the same way. I am overdue, and we scheduled an induction for Jan. 31st, which is 11 days after my due date. I am so tired of getting excited that today might be the day, just to go bed still pregnant. I was also hoping to have a natural birth, and I've been warned that inductions can make that much harder. I've actually begun to wonder if my body knows what to do, LOL! I, too, was looking forward to getting to wake up my husband, or call him at work with the big news, but now we're jjust going to wake up with the alarm clock and head to the hospital for our appointment. I can't help but feel a little cheated.


Mandi - January 25

Jessica (NY) --- I have been wondering about this NST business. Exactly what do they monitor for this testing? Do they just check the baby (heartrate) and contractions? OR, does it involve more? Just curious. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I am 40 weeks on the 30th, and if I have not delivered by that date they will start the non-stress testing. I just want to know what to expect is all. Thanks in advance.


Kelly - January 25

Is this your first baby? I felt very similar with my first.. I had a strong desire to go into labor "naturally". We had a scare with my water having meconium and I am not sure I have the same feelings anymore. Lukily the baby was fine but I know friends that had issues with their babies being very sick from the meconium. Plus, my labor went nothing like a planned. ~ I am now due with my second on Feb 8th and have talked to my doctor about inducing me slightly before my due date. First, I don't want the meconium scare and second, I would like to have a little more control and be in the hospital, etc... and last.. I will have someone ready to take my little girl instead of calling somone freaking out to get over to my house. ! So... I know you might think you are missing out.. but I personally think it would be nice to have everything planned out! ~ Good Luck to all of you!!


Jessica NY - January 25

Thank you for the replies, I had actually wondered about whether it would go faster with induction so I'm glad I guess about that too. Mandi, NST was simply two round thingies put on my belly, one to stimulate baby and the other to measure baby's heart and fetal movements, I stayed on that for ten minutes and it gave a printout for my doctor to review. The biophysical ultrasound was much like the one I had at 36 weeks, they measured his head, stomach, leg and arm bones then checked for pockets of amniotic fluid. They also gave me an approximate weight for baby of 7 pounds and 7 ounces.


kate - January 25

im not as far as long im 32 weeks and im going 2 weeks early. due to GD. and im also getting my tubes tie the next day. but im really happy that im almost there. it been long and hard.


vera - January 26

don't usually post, but came across this forum while doing a google search. I will be induced next week, 39 weeks along. Very nervous about it. my doctor is worried the baby is not thriving. my first was 'natural' but came 10 days late--the last 2 weeks were miserable with predomal labor. I am happy in some ways to induce, and sad in another. But as long as we all end up with healthy babies!!


Jessica NY - January 26

I did forget to mention this is my first baby Kelly. I have one more question, my mother is flying here from home in the UK for the birth and was so excited to be included, now it looks as though she will be too late, my doctor is taking another look at me on Tuesday and will likely say Wednesday or Thursday to induce as those are two of the three days he offers to induce, should I agree or can I wait for my mum to get here and go the following Monday? I really feel like I need her here and she will be so disappointed to miss his arrival, do you think this is too selfish a request to make to my doctor? Should I just go with what he says?


Karen - January 26

Jessica, it never hurts to ask. Having your mom present is very important to you, so ask the question. If he can't do it because of the baby's or your health, then he can't, but if he can, why not?


Beth - January 26

It is certainly worth a shot to ask your dr. I really want my mom to be here too. Which is one good thing about being induced because now we will know which day she needs to come out! But your dr is the one suggesting the inducing so I would ask!


melissa - January 26

i am not being induced but i am scheduled for a c-section at 38 wks due to gestational diabetes and some serious labor/delivery problems in my family -- just seems safest for the baby to go this road. But if I wasnt doing the C, I would have been induced.



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