How Many BH Do You Get An Hour

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gina143 - February 26

I havent started counting yet... but I get sooo many during the day. usually 1-2 and hour... today it seems like much more... How many do you girls get?


jessica72 - February 26

Gina, mine just fluctuate. I sometimes get 1-3 an hour and then none for like 4 hours. They're very irregular. I'm starting to notice patterns to them. If the baby moves a lot, or if I have to pee real bad, they come on more frequently. Sometimes just driving my car on a bumpy street brings em on. I've heard it's good to get lots since it's your uterus practicing. Mine thank goodness aren't painful, just feels like my whole belly gets tight.


missycc4 - February 26

last Wednesday I was timing then every 4 to 6 min. Today I'm having them but I'm not timing them. Some are really tight. I hope its soon.


SaraH - February 26

Tons. I've had them for more then 1/2 of this pregnancy and while they are often only 2-4 an hour, I have times where they've been every 5-10 minutes for 5-6 hours. I'm 34.5 w's now and even w/ them being so frequent (and often very strong), after 18's they still haven't lead to pre-term labor (which I'm very relieved about :).


gina143 - February 27

well I counted them there wasnt much more just an extra one an hour.. hah Sometime I get painfull ones. Our babies are just gonna fall out with all the practicing there doing... ANOTHER QUESTION! Discharge... I know its normal to get more.. towards the end.. I usually get alot of stringy globs of discharge... I know its not the mucus plug cuz its not bloody... just clear-yellow.... Sorry if thats gross...


Faye84 - February 27

Mine are really strange, I only really get them when i roll over and lay on my back.... i have no idea why that would be but thats the only time i get them. Mine arent painful just very uncomfortable!!! I asked my doc about it and she said that its common to get them up to 9 times an hour, anything over that call the doc.



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