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cyclemom - July 6

So this is my second pregnancy and when I was pregnant with my son I had a ton of Braxton Hicks contractions for the last month. I would get them every 2-3 minutes for hours at a time. I would get it checked out and they said I have an irritable uterus. I was 100% effaced for 5 weeks before he was actually born (1 week late). I am now 31 weeks and I've been feeling B.H. for a while, but this last week has been so much worse. I feel at least 3 every hour and in the evenings, I get about 8-12 per hour. They aren't really painful, just annoying. Well, my Dr. checked me today and I'm not dialated at all, but he said if I get more than 6 per hour I need to call and come in. Well, that's every day!! I've had 10 in the last hour and I don't want to call him, because I just had my appointment a few hours ago and know they aren't dialating me. I'm just not sure what to do. Has anyone else experienced this many Braxton Hicks?


babyblue2 - July 7

I get them irregularily... sometimes a lot, sometimes just a few. I am 37w4d. You know your body. I am sure since this is not your first, that you will recognize true labour contractions. Make sure you stay hydrated since this can cause BH as well. I would play it by ear. If they get to the point where they are painful rather than annoying, and you can see a pattern starting to form, I would go in. Even just to be safe. If not... you are just one of those unlucky ones that has to deal with BH all the time. Best of luck and hope your LO does not make you wait as long as the first one did!!


andesue - July 9

I get lots of bh too. I have been having them since 20 weeks though not so frequently. I'm 37w 5 days and sometimes have more than 10 in an hour but I guess I can just tell they aren't doing anything. So, I know what you mean about that. I went in to the hospital to get checked at 31 weeks because I was having them regularly. I just sorta felt like... ok, I know she's not going to be born like in a few hours or anything like that, but it's so early, I want to make sure nothing is starting. Of course, this is my first so I have no clue what to expect from real contractions. Can't wait for them to start though! So, basically, I agree with babyblue, if you know they aren't doing anything don't worry about it but if they intensify as well as get close together, then maybe make the call. 31 weeks is pretty pre-mature. I guess I would be safer than sorry. :) Good luck!


cyclemom - July 9

Well, here's a little update. I wasn't too worried about them because my Dr. checked me on Monday and my cervix was closed. Tuesday I was up all night throwing up and my Dr. said to go in the the hospital. Good thing I did, because I was dialated already. The gave me procardia to stop the contractions. They didn't stop, but they are less strong. Im now on bed rest, which is hard with a 2.5 year old, but hopefully it will help keep this baby in a lot longer. I still have to take the Procardia every 4 hours. I guess it's always good to get checked often if you are getting a lot of contractions just to find out if they are changing your cervix.


Samara - August 5

you know I was up like to weeks ago throwing up and in so much pain, I never thought to bring it up to my Dr.. I figured I ate something bad, defiantly be bringing that up next week! I have random braxton hicks. Dr. said its normal unless they get more frequent and /or stonger


llekites - March 12

girl i totally understand. this is my third baby, the two before came early and i am currently 33 weeks and 2 days. i wake up everyday wondering if today is the day. I too have an irritable uterus, i dont know if you feel like this but when they say to call if you have so many in an hour, i feel stupid for calling because i constantly contract. all the obsessive googling and reading i do on the internet says to play it safe and call. i agree but how do we get over the feeling a feeling stupid if we call and nothing is happening? oh and the medical bill that comes with the multiple calls or visit. ugh im ready for this to be over. i read your post and subscribed just because i totally understand. my personal advice, and i am in the medical field, is just keep an eye on it, as a patient you have the right to do what ever you feel the need to do be it calling or resting. good luck to you!



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