How Many Braxton Hicks Contractions

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cyclemom - January 28

I've had non stop contractions since I was in the hospital when I got a bad case of the flu and got really dehydrated two and a half weeks ago. They range anywhere from every 4 minutes to every 20 minutes. All day long and all night long. When I lie down they are more like 20 minutes apart, but every time I stand up, they get closer and closer. This has been going on for so long and it's driving me crazy. I get worried that because they have been so often for so long now that it might be harmful to my baby. I get so rock hard in my belly, that it has to be squishing the little guy!! Is this normal?? I'm now 37 1/2 weeks but I don't think I can take this much longer. My baby's head is SO low that it feels like someone is hammering nails into my pelvis when I move. AHH!! Sorry, just had to vent. It's a good thing we all know that pregnancy isn't forever. It's gotta end sometime, right?


DDT - January 28

I understand where you're coming from..I am 37wks today and I am getting more and more BH's every day. I get so many and I'm getting so used to them that its almost strange when I don't have one for a little while. I'm always guarenteed to have one every 10-20mins. I find when I am sitting I have them more often. I am also just starting to get some serious lower back pain that it forces me to slide my feet when I walk sometimes (what a image!!). It is getting almost impossible to put on a pair of pants standing. My legs want to give way. I don't have a particularly big belly so its not the extra weight but rather (I think anyway) the fact that my pelvic joints are so loose and baby's head pushing down. We don't have too much longer to go...thank goodness! there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Tara B - January 28

HI I am not as far along as you are but at 27 weeks I was in the hospital b/c I fell and I started having contractions. The doctor also said I was dehydrated and as long as I keep up with my water intake the contractions should disipate. He also said If i was having BH to drink a gla__s of water and it should go away and if doesn't to lay on my side. If this doesn't work than it could be a sign of preterm labor. I am sure you already know this I just wanted to let you know just incase.



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