How Many Cm Until You Can Be Considered In Labor

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margie - December 3

how many cm dialated do you need to be before they will admit you in labor and delivery? also do they look at how long your contractions are apart to determine that?


AmberNicole - December 3

Usually at least 4cm to admit you if you're not contracting regularly. The contractions should be at minimum 5 minutes apart for a few hours I believe before you should go in.


DaBonkElsMe - December 3

Every doctor is different, I think. Mine told me to call when the contractions have been 6 min apart or closer for an hour or more. But I live 45 minutes away from the hospital, so that's a factor for us. As far as dialation, if you are contracting regularly, they will admit you if you are 4 or more cm, I think. If you are less than that, they may tell you to go home, depending on how regular and close together your contractions are. But it seems to me that all hospitals are different on this, so who knows! You should ask your doctor next time you have an exam, they can tell youwhat their norm is.


margie - December 4

good! my doctor said that he would tell them to keep me at L&D when they call this week since I'm dialated to about 3cm if I have some more contractions, but I'm a bit nervous about going in there before the contractions are regular..I have a Dr that is so great and positive and loves babies, but I dont want him to be too anxious to get her out because he said he would break my water and everything...but i dont want to be in labor for 2 days either! lol. i had a lot more cramps this morning so we'll see how long i go before they get more regular, they arent close to that yet, about 10-20 min apart still for a few hours and then they stop


DDT - December 4

Well my hospital admitted me when I was 2cm dilated. I called after 4hrs being in early labour and asked the nurse what to do. She said if I couldn't talk properly through a contraction then it was time to come in. That is what I did. My contractions started at 2-3 mins apart being timed by my df. Once at the hospital that was confirmed. I live about 30 mins away from the hospital.



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