How Many Diapers Will I Need

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potty mama - November 4

I have been trying to stock up and buying different sizes, but how many a day will we need? I'm thinking a change every 2 - 3 hours so that's 12 a day. Also, how size appropriate are the baby's to the weight of the diaper?


to potty mama - November 4

Personally, it all depends on you. I have worked in Childcare for many years, and as a MINIMUM requirement there, we have to change every 2 hrs. Doesnt mean they wont need it before then, specially when they are smaller. However, my sister-in-law, has had 4 kids, her youngest will be a year a week after my due date, and lol, she changes every 3hrs, OR if the diaper looks droopy. (from either pee or a bm). There have been times its gone longer than 3 hrs, ... but she keeps the kids clean, and neither of her two youngest have had diaper rashes or any infections around there, so its not neglect... its just hard for me lol, being used to and having second nature to be change it as soon as they go from working at the day care. She basis it on smell and weight, when she can smell it, or when its saggin... change. Both her youngest are still in diapers so it may be her way of stretching it out who knows.


Lesley - November 4

Breastfed babies have more poos than bottlefed babies, so if you are b___stfeeding you will need more. I have only 2 packs of baby newborn nappies for now. I will buy more when little one is born.


Ca__sie - November 4

I would think 2 packs will last you around two weeks (or less) for the beginning. Depends on how soon you want to go shopping again.


Lesley - November 4

I only ever bought 2 packs with these 2 at the beginning. My mum was there to go get some with my 1st baby, and with my 2nd my partner went and got more. I don't buy too many incase I get too many that is too small.


Lynn - November 4

I've been buying diapers since I was about 7 months along. I haven't gotten any of he "newborn" sizes, only the size 1 & 2. I buy the box & then tape the receipt to the box. If she grows out of them before I get a chance to use them, I'll take them back & exchange them for a bigger size. I was told 10-12 a day for the first month to 6 weeks at least. That's like 420 diapers just while I'm on maternity leave!


mom of 4 - November 4

it depends on what brand you use..the cheaper brands you do need to change more often ..yes..think every three hours...but in the middle of the night when you get up to feed i doubt you will think of changing the diaper..i would rather change the crib sheet the next day..put diaper rash ointment on him before you go down for the night knowing that that little b___t will be in that diaper for a while and that will prevent diaper rash..actually i use vaseline..cheaper...


mom of 4 - November 4

oh..except if you are having his little p___s cut when he is born..i would change that diaper really often then for the first week of two to avoid infection...may be every hr..i don't know..i have all girls


j - November 4

mom of 4, just out of curiosity why wouldn't you change the baby when you wake up to feed...especially if you are doing it every 2 or 3 hours? Would you rather have a dry baby then have to worry about changing crib sheets? It just doesn't seem very nice to leave them in a wet or dirty diaper. Hmmmm......


Lesley - November 5

My daughter used to wake 3 times during the night, once at 11pm, again at 2am then lastly 5am (or there abouts) and I would change her nappy everytime. Unless I went to change her and it was dry and clean I would always put a fresh nappy on her.


sasha - November 5

LOTS for a newbie prolly about 1 every hour and a half really


Me - November 5

Mom of 4- You better change that baby's diaper! Poor little thing should have to lay in pee all night. That makes me sad! :*( To potty mama- The hospital will tell you to change your baby atleast every four hours, so that is 6 times a day, 6 times 7 is 42,there our 46 diapers in one pack of pampers swaddlers so one pack will last you a week. Your baby will probably wear newborn for about a month to two months(depending on his size) so I would say eh, 4-8 packs of newborn diapers and he will wear size one and two for longer so even more of those. Remember to not open the diapers because if they out grow them you can take them back and exchange them. This is my calculation, I have sat around thinking about this before! lol Yes I am a nut I know. :)


Me - November 5

Typo- I meant SHOULDN'T have to lay in pee.


Heather - November 6

Back to the original question, my first daughter was 7 lb15 oz an only wore newborn diapers for 1 week (one pack didn't even get fully used) & her bum was just too large for them! We went to a siz 1 (which started for 8 lb babies). We have purchased 1 pack of newborn size and a few 1 and 2. If i remember corectly we went through about 12 a day at first (I b___stfed) Some days more, some less (more during a growth spurt b/c of the extra eating) My sisters on the other hand never used newborn size babies (all of their baabies were well over 8 lbs at birth, 9lb 6 oz, 11 lb 10 oz, 10 lb 4 oz and 9 lb 7 oz - I had a small baby for my family ~ I love my hubby!!!!) My doc estimated mine was going to be about 8 lb - they were going to induce on my due date, but she came 13 minutes before my induction time!!!! So he was only off by 1 oz. Hope this helps! If youare thinking your baby will be over 8 lbs- I wouldn't buy too many newborn size diapers.


Chrisy - November 6

I just talked with my mom about diapers. She suggested looking at coupons now and buying diapers now. I have also heard that Sam's club is a good idea..getting diapers in bulk and it can sometimes be cheaper. I'm so glad (at this time in my life) my mom gives advice!! I think this is the only time in my life I have truly appreciated it!!


Kim - November 6

I barely bought any newborn diapers since the doctor's estimated my baby to be well over 8 pounds, which would be appropriate for size 1, which I bought more of. My baby was not even 7 pounds when we home from the hospital 5 days ago and I am already at the end of my second pack of newborn diapers. I would buy at least one pack of newborn, maybe 2, and then send someone out to buy more for you once you have your baby. If your baby is more than 8 pounds, you can probably use either.



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