How Many Of You Have Leaked Urine

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ashley - June 29

I just went to the bathroom and my entire panty liner was wet and I smelled it and it smells strong and I think its urine....uggg I can't believe I have got to this point!! (ofcourse in the back of my mind im wondering if its amniotic fluid)


Dj - June 29

Hey Ashley, I'm right there with you, my husband actually calls me his little p__ser - I can't control it every time I laugh sure enough it happens!


ashley - June 29

lol thanks for that.....I've not had it happen before. didn't with first anyway...sigghhhhh oh the joys of being big and pregnant. How far along are you DJ?


Nerdy Girl - June 29

Just wait. Not to freak you out, but this problem does not necessarily always go away after you have the baby. My friends and I all talk about how now that we've popped out a couple of kids, we can't sneeze without peeing just a little.


Revel - June 29

well im 36 weeks now but i had this problem since like 24 weeks one time i was sitting on my friends couch and sneezed next thing i new i was covered in pee it was so embarra__sing x.x also once i was with my husband in a gamers store adn i had to pee bad and he wouldnt hurry so i could find a bathroom adn i coughed adn pee'd my pants a little it was so gross lol its so embarra__sing he set and laughed at me for liek an hour :(


ashley - June 30

well the not so funny thing for me is I didn't sneeze or cough. I just was doing my usual and kind of felt wet down there and the next time I used the toilet my panty liner was completely soaked. So I thought, hmmmm amniotic fluid?? nope smelled to much like ammonia that strong urine smell.........oh boy. the baby must of laid funny or something huh?


stormy - June 30

just thought id add in here that it may not be urine or amnio fluid!!! i have been leaking mucus...has a smell but not urine.. maybe check with ur obs to rule out amnio though!


Deb - June 30

Yep, I'm 38 weeks and have been leaking it since about 35 weeks. I thought it might be am. fluid at first, but my doctor swabbed me and it wasn't. Mine happens after I use the bathroom. She says when I am sitting, the baby presses on the bladder a certain way, and then when I stand up, a little urine that is still in the urethra dribbles out. Oh the joys of being pregnant...



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