How Many Of You Have Weight Estimates Already

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Mrs.Steve - October 3

I'm 35 weeks, 2 days and as of yesterday's ultrasound, my lo is approx 7lbs, 4oz. I know they can be off by quite a bit. But my dh is 6'4 and his family members are very tall as well. His 9yo nephew was 10lbs at term. Likely because he's going to be very tall. So if she is a big baby, that's probably why.


January - October 3

I'm 32wks and I had an u/s yesterday. She is measuring 4lbs.


grace2 - October 3

I'm due Oct.5 and according to last weeks ultrasound she was 8 lb 6 oz. My jaw dropped! I don't look that large so I thought she would be smaller. I'm happy she's good and healthy though : )


Krissy25 - October 3

I had an u/s a couple of days before my dd was born and they were right on. My dd was born at 37 weeks and 2 days at 8lbs 4 oz so she probably weighed about that at 35 weeks.


docbytch - October 3

Hey I understand you on that one! DH is 6'6"...I am 5'8" and densely muscular myself...our son's estimated wt at 36 weeks was 8lbs8oz. The clinic said the most they are ever off in these wt estimates is by one pound either direction...thus he could be nearly 8 pounds at the smallest...or nearly 10 lbs at the largest. That was 2 weeks ago!! My DH's father who was born 1933 was apparently 10lbs11oz!! Unfreakingheard of back then I bet!! GD just adds to this whole thing of course. My own dd was 9lbs at delivery as well.


synesthesia1821 - October 3

and im 34 weeks today! this is BS. I shoudl've had another ultrasound ROUTINELY by now surely to god right?!?! I mean, aren't THEY concerned about the developmental problems and other things that can only be found out by ULTRASOUND too!?!


WP - October 4

You should ask your doc, synesthesia1821. There are other reasons for having one later in the pregnancy: baby's position, placental size and location, fluid levels, organ development, etc - not to freak you out even further. I wouldn't be surprised if you were scheduled for one in the next 3-4 weeks. For my first I had only 3: one at 13 weeks (genetic testing), one at 20 weeks and my final one at 39 weeks. I had one done at 36 weeks for this baby and it measured 6.5 lbs.


Ashley86 - October 4

We had an ultrasound today at 32 wks and DS is already 4 lbs 10 oz...they said he is measuring at about 33 wks! He has grown so much since his last ultrasound about 2 weeks ago! I have had 5 ultrasounds so far....10 wk, 21 wk, 24 wk, 30 wks, and now 32 wk. The 10 wk was the initial ultrasound, the 21 wk was to see how the baby and his thyroid are doimg...24 wks I was cramping so L&D did an ultrasound, 30 wks was to check to make sure all was fine with his thyroid developing and overall diagnostics because I was born without a thyroid myself....and today was my doctor's 32 wk ultrasound. I have been very lucky to get to see him so much but my thyroid condition is what is allowing me to have so many,


KWaits - October 4

I had an u/s last Friday. I was 39 weeks. She measured 6 lbs 12 oz.


Pearl - October 4

All I have heard is that my baby is measuring a little bigger (not much) and at my 21 week u/s he was in the 65th percentile. They also said that I was 2 weeks farther along than my LMP showed...I have NO idea what expect as far as size!


tarheelfan71 - October 4

I also only had the one ultrasound back around 19 to 20 weeks. Since I've done good, they didnt think it was necessary to do another one (probably my insurance wont pay either). I am 38 w 4 days. And my doc told that baby might be 8 lbs.


angelinakai - October 4

At my last ultrasound... 4 days before my son was born, he was measuring 9lbs 4oz. Everyone told me not to worry because they usually overestimate quite a bit. but, when he was born, he was 9lbs 9oz hehe. I love fat babies, so I think its adorable. He is half Chinese and everyone calls him "Little Sumo" :0)


DaBonkElsMe - October 4

Your current hieght and weight have very little to do with your child's birth weight. Your child may grow to a similar body style as yours, but it would not make any difference at birth. My DH is 6'3" and he was only 6lbs 9oz at birth, and was infact small as a child. My cousin is 5'1" and her two daughters were 9lbs 2oz and 10lbs at their births! So beyond an ultrasound and doctor's insight, there really is no way to know how big your baby might be at birth.


gaudior - October 4

I had an ultrasound at 35 weeks where she measured 7lbs, 3oz. She was born five weeks later at 9lbs, 5oz, so the measurement was pretty accurate, but I've heard they can be off by a pound either way. My husband is 6'5", and I'm 5'10" so we expected her to be big. Her leg measurements were 1-2 weeks ahead the whole pregnancy. Delivery wasn't a problem, but getting started b___stfeeding has been a challenge, so we're glad she started out big and healthy.


Tink - October 4

they haven't ever told me any measurements, other than they think he is big. i am tall and Dh used to be a power lifter. so who knows. i hear they can be off by a pound or more either way, so i really would take it all with a grain of salt. they told my sister both of hers would be 9 pounders nad both were 7 pounders. i guess it could be right or could be wrong. guess we all have to wait and see. ;)


Pipa - October 4

Hey, we just had an ultrasound today at 36 wks and 6 days and the weight was 5 lbs 7 oz! Yay! I have GD so we were eager to find out and that's right on target. We expected everything to be okay since I'm measuring right on target with the belly measurements.


KMcDougall - October 6

HI, i am 27 weeks and they said my lil man wieghed apprx 2lbs 7oz and i am measuring aprx 2 weeks ahead of schedule :)



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