How Many Of You Study

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dee23 - July 9

i asked this in the back to work area a few weeks ago, but so far no responses and it hasent even moved down the thread! question is: i wanted to start a tafe course at one day a week for 3.5 years soon after baby is born. and we also wanted to ttc in around 2 years aswell. ok so all this will happen while im at tafe. how are you handling study plus children and/or pregnancy?


dy - July 9

studying and pregnancy weren't so bad. i had just started my first semester of grad school when i found out i was pregnant. So i taught kindergarten all day, went to cla__ses thur and fri night and all day saturday. by the grace of God i managed and it wasn't so bad. now completing my second semester with a baby, that'll be diiferent. good louck to ya'


sfrias - July 9

Hi Dee! I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology. I am currently writting my dissertation and working as research a__sistant. I am exausted and I am 31 weeks pregnant. Sometimes I cannot have anything done (like yesterday) but other days I am very productive. From what I hear from my cla__smates, it is duable, specially if it is only going to be one day a week. You will be fine. Take the course. It is important for us to pursue our goals, and to advance in our lives. DY, you will be fine... In which area are you in?


dee23 - July 10

thx 2 u both for ur opinions. i live in australia and would like to study to be a kinda teacher. i have the option of full time for 2 years but thought that 4 days a week for bubbie in childcare might be too much for him, and would cost us $200 for the 4 days a week, which is too much considering its tafe im going to not work. wiht part time study, it is a whole year and a half longer, but i have the option of a friend looking after him for that one day a week, who worked in a childcare center for 12 years. i was only concerned about having other devotions as im a lover of sleep, and turn into a right nasty cow if i havent slept and need to get up early for anything. i am worried that the lack of sleep may affect how well i do in study, so anywho thats my story. thx again.


dy - July 10

sfrias....i'm going for my Masters in education. dee, maybe part time would be a better option, especially if you really love your sleep, cuz you won't be getting much with the new baby around :)


Ca__sie06 - July 10

hi!! I am going to college full time for Early Elementary and Business Administration, and will start my 3rd year in August. I also work part time at a daycare! All of my cla__ses next semester are on Tuesday and Thursday, and my mother inlaw will keep the baby those days. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will work all day, and take the baby with me. Its going to be tough, but I like a challenge!! (we want to ttc in 2 years after I get my degree and finish student teaching)


ashley - July 10

I did the bulk of my college as a single mom. I finished nursing school pregnant and I was 30 weeks pregnant when I graduated. Took me a lot longer than 3.5 years to get done though. I started college back in 2000 when I had my daughter, but then decided to hold off until she was a year. So its taken me from 2001-2006 to complete nursing school, but I did it. I'd say go for it.



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