How Many Ounces Of Breast Milk For Newborns

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angelbebe - June 21

Question for all you have been there or know the baby girl is a pretty sleepy eater and doesn't br___t feed for long periods (even after trying to keep her awake w/various techniques)...just wondering how many ounces is a serving for a newborn? I have been pumping 4 oz bottles, but not sure that 4oz is too much in first 4 weeks. 2 oz seems to be her normal feed. Most of the time I br___t feed, but have given her a bottle a few times to get an idea exactly how much she is eating. Any thoughts?


Nora1 - June 21

I don't have an answer for you, but was wondering how you're doing??? I'm still waiting for 6/29. My dr. offered to induce this weekend, but I turned it down - I feel that he'll come when he's ready and I'm still holding out for no meds if possible. I know that you were trying for the same. I'm not sure if there are any girls left on this site that are shooting for the same. Hope all is well with you and the baby girl!


Tanya2 - June 21

I had my daughter last Sept and with newborns its really hard to tell. I had the same problem with my daughter, she always fell asleep on the b___st, and I never really knew how much she was feeding. The doc told me that as long as she is peeing and pooing she should be okay. She is getting what she needs. Sometimes with newborns its hard to tell if they peed so just put a tissue/kleenex in her diaper and you;ll know if she peed. I didn't start bottle feeding until she was 5 weeks and by then she would drink about 4 ounces per meal. So its all different, all babies are different. As long as she is gaining weight. Hope this helps. Goodluck. How old is she? Get loads of rest and sleep when you can. I remember the first 7 weeks being so tired and exhausted and then it gets so much better especially when they are 3 months hold. I'm having another one this Sept, they will be 11 months apart so make sure u do use birthcontrol ( I was exlusively b___stfeeding as well)when the time comes, unless ofcourse you want another bundle of joy.


Patti - June 21

2 oz. seems to be pretty good for newborns. That's what they told me in the hospital with all my babies (3 going on 4.) Mine did about 1.5 -2oz. for the first week or 2 and then moved to 3 oz and so on. As long as she's growing she should be just fine. Congrats on your new baby girl!


angelbebe - June 21

Thank you ladies. That was really helpful. I did loads of research on pregnancy, labor, and delivery, but I admit I have very little on babies! : ) Yeah, I figured that as long as she was growing, happy, peeing, etc...she was getting what she needs. I am definitely tired!! : ) She is feeding pretty much every 3 hours, at night too, but she's such an angel. Never cries, just coos and grunts. I'm having so much fun with her. Thanks for asking Nora1! I would say if you can hold off on the induction you will be more likely to go without meds. The pitocin, I hear, makes contractions more painful, making it pretty hard to go drug free. As long as you feel good and your baby isn't in distress, yeah, let him come when he's ready! I am so glad I went natural until the end. Like I said in my birth story, it wasn't that's just that no one should be stuck in the transition part for 10 hours...not normal! : ) The pain relief was necessary in the end. Good luck!!! Can't wait to hear all of your birth stories! Thanks Patti!


angelbebe - June 21

Hi Lindsay-just responded to your thread. Congrats! Yeah, that is Paia. She nurses sometimes only for 10-15 minutes and I will try like hell to wake her up to feed a bit more. Sometimes she does, sometimes not. I figure too when the b___st she just fed on seems pretty light, she must have close to emptied it. She is three weeks old yesterday and I think she is now going through a growth spurt. She has been really hungry today!


krista-lee - June 21

my daughter is two weeks old tomorro, and she drinks 4 oz every 4 hours.


Cabbie - June 21

My son is three weeks tomorrow and takes 3-1/2 oz every three hours. My dr said a nice rule of thumb is that most babies should intake about 2 1/2 oz for every pound they are. My son was born at 9lb 10oz and is a little over 10 now. So he should take about 25oz a day. He is about at 28oz. Dr said should not exceed 32 oz right now daily.



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