How Many Pee Breaks

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Leslie - January 31

Hello Mommies to be!! Are the bathroom breaks becoming ridiculous for anyone else?? I take one tiny sip of something and 5 minutes later I'm on my way to potty. It feels like I'm about to pee all over myself but when I sit down only a few drops come out!! I've been to the restroom 12 times since I got to work this morning!! Is this normal and happening to anyone else??


JennyC - January 31

yep, I'm 33 weeks and go to the bathroom at least once an hour. it ridiculous, but a good excuse to get up and move around


Jeanan - January 31

totaly normal...i am almost 37 weeks and I go to the bathroom alot...what I hate the most is getting up like every hour or so in the middle of the night to go pee...about the time I finally get comfy I have to get up to pee...but on the btight side it is almost over..


redhead mary - January 31

how about starting a "how many times do you pee in one night " poll"....hahaha.. last night i was up 3 times between 10 and 5....that was a good night....


Chris - January 31

I hear you. I wonder how many rolls of toilet paper I've used this pregnancy. Sometimes I wish I could just wear a diaper to bed.


36 Weeks - January 31

I pee ALL the time. Sometimes after drinking a whole gla__s of something (milk/water/whatever) I'll pee like 3 times in 15 minutes. It's out of control. LOL about the diaper thing Chris, I just said earlier "sometimes I wish I could just pee where ever I'm at"!


sye - February 1

i'm 37 weeks and i get up about 3-4 times a night to pee and sometimes during the day, i'll be sitting down minding my own business, and i'll sneeze and accidently pee on myself....i know it's good that you drink a lot of water to stay hydrated but i'm thinking about cutting my liquids at a certain hour so i don't have to be up all night to pee and maybe for once, get a decent night's sleep....


Alycia - February 1

You ladies are making me wonder if there's something wrong with me... I peed seven times last night! Usually it's more like five, but I had a gla__s of water before bed. Is anyone else peeing so much?


JennyC - February 1

sye - yes, I pee a little when I sneeze, too! That just started (I'm 33 weeks) and it really bugs me. I wasn't really expecting it. Diapers are a great idea!


Becky - February 1

Am I the only one who is sleeping through the night? I am 33 weeks, and for about the last 6-8 weeks, I've only been getting up in the night maybe once or twice a week. Before that it was once every night, but not anymore. Seems like the baby moves up in my abdomen at night, so I don't have as much pressure on my bladder as I do during the day. I am drinking the same amount, so I don't think that's it.


Tess - February 1

Since I woke up this morning Ive already have 5-6 bathroom breaks. Im 24-25 wks pg. It worst when I get up in the morning bcoz it feels like my bladder is soooo FULL I can't hardly move or turn around.


mel - February 1

geeez, Becky. why don't you rub it in a little? :-P just messing with ya....lucky dog.


Emmakirst - February 1

I was up about 5 times last night. It's not that I have much to pee when i go to the bathroom, it's the feeling that you have to go. It's enough to drive me silly.


JennyC - February 1

No Becky, you're not alone. I can usually make it thru the night without getting up. From about 28 - 31 weeks, I did get up 1-2 times a night, but something changed and now I'm 33 weeks and not having any problems. Guess we're just lucky.



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