How Many U S S During Pregnancy

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lori - March 1

How many ultrasounds have you or did you have during your pregnancy? I have only had one at 20wks (and they refused to tell me the s_x of the baby). My dr. said that is the only one I will have during the pregnancy but when I read different threads it sounds like some people are having more than one. (Currently 29 weeks along)


Jeanan - March 1

I only had one at 20 weeks and I am now 40+6 days and I am scheduled for one today...this will only be my second...I know most doctors only do the one if there are no complications with the pregnancy....then they will probably do one when you get to or past your due date to check the size of the baby...


JennyC - March 1

I had a internal at 8 weeks, a regular at 20 weeks (doc said this was just a freebie cuz she couldn't find the heartbeat), in depth one at 28 weeks, then another at 36 weeks because he thought I might be measuring too big. That sucks that they refused to tell you the gender! I wonder why they would do that? Maybe its too early to be sure? Well, some people really like the surprise, so hopefully you are one of those. Good luck


JennyC - March 1

forgot to mention that for my 1st 2 u/s, I was using and HMO for insurance, and that might be why they did those 2. At 24 weeks, I moved and switched to a PPO and they seem much more reluctant to do u/s's. There has to be a medical reason to get more than just the in depth one at 28 weeks.


Kel - March 1

I had one at 7 weeks, 9 weeks, 18 weeks and 35 weeks. The first two were internal and the rest were regular. The recent one was because I was measuring too big. That stinks they wouldn't tell you the s_x.


Ba8y6irl - March 1

I will have 4 all together. I had a 12 week to check for heartbeat and stuff, my 20 week diagnostic which I found out it's a girl, and I had an optional 3D/4D one done (but I paid for that). I will have one more at 31 weeks to check baby's weight and that she is growing properly. Thats odd that they wont tell you the s_x, I think its your right to know.


janelle - March 1

I had 1 at 9weeks which they call a dating u/s 1 at 20 weeks routine to make sure all the functions are there and I also had a 4D at 29+weeks because I was measuring small but everything turned out fine. They told me the s_x at 20 week u/s that sucks they did not tell you but in the long run it will be a nice surprise.


redhead mary - March 1

i was only going to have the one at 20 weeks but they thought i was small so i got one last week ( im 38 weeks and 4 days!) turns out baby is perfectly fine for size! They tell you the s_x here in alberta canada... but some provinces i know im having a girl and shes going to be here on march 4th at 9 am!


maya - March 1

my doctor has an u/s machine in his office. I've had 2 internal and 6 regular.


Tess - March 1

Im 28-29 wks pg and so far Ive had 3 u/s already. 1st when I was 6wks pg, 2nd was 12wks (emergency u/s due to light bleeding), 3rd for a fetal survey when I was 21wks/3days. My insurance allows me to have 2 u/s and then the rest would be up to my Dr. if I needed it.


J - March 1

I had one at 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks, 20 weeks, 23 weeks, 27 weeks, 31 weeks, 33 weeks, 34 weeks, 35 weeks, and will have another tomorrow at 36 weeks. My doc does them at every visit for every patient, no matter what.


lori - March 2

Sounds like the one only u/s thing is the norm in Canada, so I guess 'it' will be a surprise whether I like it or not. Here some hospitals tell you the s_x and some don't. I thought that the one I was going to told you. I was really upset when they refused to tell me. I could never go a whole Christmas as a kid without trying to sneak a peek at my presents, never mind 9 months. This is killing me. Not to mention I'm stuck buying/decorating everything neutral. Oh well, I guess I'll find out in another 10 weeks - give or take. Thanks for the responses.


Jen - March 2

I'm 30 weeks, live in Canada and I've had 4 ultrasounds.


Pete - March 3

I am 32 weeks and ive already had 6 ultrasounds...therefore 6 pictures too,


Michellle - March 3

i live in canada as well and ive had 3


MikaylasMommy - March 3

i had one at 8 weeks, then 20 weeks, then they ordered another one at 34 weeks because i was measuring 4 wks ahead and they wanted to make sure the baby wasn't too large or to see if i just had a large amount of fluid. you will probably only have the one at 20 weeks unless a problem arises. good luck!


Emmakirst - March 3

I've had too many. 7wks, 8 wks, due to bleeding, found a clot, 10wks to see if resolved, (wasn't), 11wks, 14wk, 17wks, 20wks (1 in office, 1 at hospital for growth), 26 wks for growth, 29 wks, 32wks, 34wks. So 5 have been done at the hospital and the rest were in his office. I am scheduled for one on the 15th to see about growth. So 12 so far. I live in Canada.



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