How Many Ultrasound Have You Had

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kr - October 13

I'm going the midwife route, and I'm wondering how often other women get ultrasounds?


Tammy - October 13

I am high risk and I have had 6 ultrasounds.


Kr - October 14

How far along are you Tammy?


Julie - October 14

I have had about 6 or 7. 4 Routine in the Dr.'s office and 2 level II with a specialist. I am 40 weeks. I had 4 in the beginning because I suffered a miscarriage last Nov. and my Dr. always does one at 10 weeks and then sends you off for a prof. ultrasound at 20 weeks. I had to because they thought my baby may have had a heart issue.


LR - October 14

I have only had 1 ultrasound. My insurance will only pay for 1 unless medically nec. so I guess its a good thing but I would've liked to have at least 1 more just to see her and make sure she is indeed a she like they say


Lesley - October 14

I have had 2 in this pregnancy. 2 in my 1st and 4 in my 2nd.


Kelly K - October 14

I had 6 with the doctor and 1 4D that I had to pay for.


Tammy - October 14

I am 38 weeks today. I am having a c-section on Oct 21st.


Selena - October 14

I am 29 weeks and have had 3 regular ultrasounds and 2 level 2's so far. I have fibroids so my midwife is keeping an eye on them and early on around week 15 my little one decide she was going to hide and not let us hear the heart beat so I had an unplanned one to find her! It has been great to get to see the baby so often and at the end of the month I have 4D ultrasound planned.


Shannon - October 14

i've only had 1. the baby was measuring right on track for her due date and everything was normal, i've had zero complications so they haven't done any others. the ultrasound tech said that there's debate about possible harm unltrasounds could do to a baby's hearing. i wish i had like one more, though, cuz she couldn't tell what the s_x of my baby is!


Jaci - October 14

I have had 10 so far. I'm high risk and go weekly to have one done. Usually it's either 1 or 2 (depending on what your insurance pays for). I'm 30 weeks.


YC - October 14

I am 30 weeks and have had 3 Level II's and about 6 regular 2D ultrasounds up until 28 weeks when I started getting them weekly to test fetal movement, etc. This is not the norm for my doctor though, usually she gives her pateints one at 10-12 weeks and one at 20 weeks and that's it if all appears to be normal.


Steph - October 14

I have had 4, but only one that was routine - the others were for specific reasons that the doctor ordered specifically to check Heart Beat, check for Down Syndrome, etc. Typically I think 1-2 is normal.


:) - October 14

I am 33 wks. and have had 3.It just depends on your situation, if they suspect something is wrong with the baby then they will do more. Every doctor is different,but atleast 3.


MC - October 14



LM - October 16

7 or 8 and a couple more on the way. I'm high risk.


Alissa - October 16

I had alot of problems at the beginning of my pregnancy and all together i have had 11 ultrasounds



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