How Much Did Baby Weigh At 37 Wks

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HopeG - May 23

I am getting an u/s at 37 wks to see how big our baby is. I was just wondering if anyone else had one around this time to see how big there little one was? Thanks for any info.


livdea - May 23

I read that by the end of 36 weeks baby should be weighing in around 5.5 pounds!


Tillie - May 23

At 35 weeks 3 days my baby weighed 5.4 pounds and the doctor said she was on the small side or normal. ? I guess it varies.


krista-lee - May 23

about 5 1/2-6 lbs is a good weight for a 37 week old : ]


mom.2.5 - May 23

I delivered my last 2 at almost 37 wks and the day i turned 37 wks, one weighed 7#8oz., and the other weighed 7#5oz., I had to be induced with the last on the day I turned 37wks due to high bp.


Roary - May 23 gives weight estimates for different stages of pregnancy. I am not sure how accurate they are, Here is a weight unit converter as well. ... My little sister was born at 35 weeks gestation and weighed 6 lbs 4 oz. (granted she is a 6 foot tall 14 year old now!!!) I am getting an ultrasound at 35 weeks and am very curious to see what the estimates are on my baby's weight.


Roary - May 23

The first url is correct. The second one, you will need to put "common-conversions" and "convert-alpha" "ma__s.html"


HopeG - May 23

Thanks everyone. Going to check out the sites now!


Madeleine - May 24

well mine was estimated at 6lb13 (accurate within 15% either way, means around 6-8lb) at 35+5days and I am now 38+3...gonna be big if they let me go full term, ouch :)


mommie2b - May 24

at 36 weeks he weighed 6 pounds 1 ounce and that was a week ago so it looks like he is goin to be a big baby.


Nita_ - May 24

How are you ladies able to know baby's weight? u/s or just by dr's feeling your tummy. I haven't had an u/s since my 20th so I asked my midwife how much she weighs now and she said about 6 lbs which made me shocked caz I was only 34 weeks then. This week I went, the other midwife said 5 lbs! now i'm confused!


Madeleine - May 24

I live in the UK and mine was u/s. Had several due to problems earlier on then started monitoring growth and on MAX line for normal. There is small, medium and large "normal" and I am on the top line...116lbs pre-pregnant! They say u/s is accurate within 15% which is better odds than guessing by feeling your stomach. Depends whether they will do another u/s or not. I'm going to hospital tomorrow and going to try for another one, as I don't want to wait to 40wks and end up 10lbs


lindsay - May 24

i just had a u/s at 38 weeks , and it said my dd was 6 lb 5 oz... this is around the 40% ... anything in a 25%-90% range is considered "normal" , although the scan can carry a 20% margin of error in either direction... hope this helps!


Tillie - May 26

I had an u/s today at 37 weeks and found out my baby weighs 5 pounds 12 oz. The doctor said this is small, but scans are approximate. Hope, what did your baby's weight turn out to be at your scan?



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