How Much Is Too Much To Spend On A Diaper Bag

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Cassie06 - June 23

I have searched all the stores around here, and every store I can think of online, and I have found only 1 diaper bag that I have fallen in love with!! Its at babysrus and is $70 plus shipping. My husband and mom both think this is ridiculous to spend this much money, but I figure I will be carrying it for at least a year if not more, and a lot of people spend twice that on pocketbooks they are only going to carry for a few months. Everything we have spent in the past 7 months has been for the baby, is it asking too much to want something for myself?? (Even if it is partly for the baby too?? lol)


livdea - June 23

I hear ya! I looked every where and of course the diaper bags I loved were a good $150! duh! Anyway, I went to a boutique a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with a bag, its super super small but I love it and will hold what I NEED it to hold, it cost 70 bucks. better then 150 I told myself, so I bought it guilt free! If you have a little extra to spend on yourself/baby then go for it...we all know once baby comes..."our" time and $$ is gone to cute clothes for baby and toys galore! Go for it, if you like it then buy it!


Rebekah B - June 23

GET IT! Diaper bags are my weakness right now. I have registered for 3 and I was just shopping for one. You will be carrying it like a purse, so get one that you love and that will match your outfits. I plan on using mine long after baby, so I like the ones that look more like large hand bags. It's okay to get something for you! Not to make the decision more difficult, but you have to check out the bags on this site... Pricey, but oh so cute and can definitely be used for other things.


Ca__sie06 - June 23

Thanks ladies! You made me feel a lot better! I will deinately check out that other site. Here is the bag I want. I just love it!!!


livdea - June 23

it's cute!!! buy it!


Rebekah B - June 23

That's a great bag! I love all of the sections! You can carry everything in that sac. When hubby is handing you his sungla__ses and hat to carry, you will both be happy to have such a great bag. What is $70 really?


Mingill - June 23

Think about it this way, how much would you spend on a purse? If I saw a purse for $70 that was to die for and would look lovely with all my outfits, I'd buy it. So, if this diaper bag is what you really want, buy it.


lyn - June 23

I bought one for $12 at baby's r us (black with a hot pink inside) and I only used it for about 4 months. Mainly because I b___stfed so never carried anything but diapers in it. SO I am glad I didn't spend allot of money on it. Now at 9 months I have 2 diapers and some wipes in my very small purse and still have plenty of room and I just keep a cup in my car and two diapers and wipes in my glove box.


AmandaManns - June 23

I am constantly changing diaper bags. I have finally found one I love and it is one of the least expensive ones. I think I got it at my baby shower and it came from JcPenney's and it has a front zip around and a big middle zip around and then a back zip around and I can throw everything I need in it.


CyndiG - June 23

Just keep in mind that after the "new" of the baby wears off, you won't carry that big bag except for on trips. You will find a small one that will hold diapers, wipes and a bottle, because essentially that's all you need. The one I ended up using the most with my first daughter was the little one you get free at the hospital from one of the formula companies. Just something to ponder......


Been There - June 24

Ca__sie, if you feel it's worth it, spend the money. Just be sure you do feel it's the right investment. It is true that at a certain point in time, you may decide to downsize, therefore lessening the use you get out of the $70 bag. I'm all about being frugal, but we all have moments when we just have to splurge on something. If this is an item you just have to splurge on, do it. If not, keep looking until you find something else. Be sure to to read the comments from other purchasers. That always helps me out.


Nerdy Girl - June 24

I have two kids and would recommend waiting until you actually have the baby before spending big bucks on a diaper bag. You have to see what sort of "system" works for you personally. Everyone does things differently, among my friends, especially. I carry a medium sized diaper bag with the essentials for two kids. I have a friend who carries a very small bag, but has a huge bag in her trunk that she refills the small bag from throughout the day. You may prefer a backpack or a shoulder strap, you may want insulated compartments, etc. Personally, I think you just don't know exactly what you need until you have the baby. I carry different stuff now with my son than I did with my daughter and ended up buying a new bag after I had him. But honestly, for the right ideal bag for you, $70 is not too much to spend.


HannahBaby - June 24

it really depends on what kind of person you are. I am the kind of person who buys a bag, uses it for a month or two, sees another one that i like, then buys that one and puts the other one in the closet. I never spend money on any kind of bag (my husband bought me a 120$ gap bag and says he will never do it again as i only used it for a few months) I have about 30 purses and about 10 baby bags, but if your the kind of person who will use it for a really long time, i say treat yourself and go for it!!


Nerdy Girl - June 24

I forgot to say that you will be surprised that the free Similac and Enfamil bags you get at the hospital are actually pretty nice. When I had my first baby 3 years ago, the free bags were a bit tacky - all loud pink and blue with bears and bows all over them. Now the free bags are sleek and black and pretty nice.



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