How Much Is Your Baby Wieghing

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JustMe - February 5

I am 31 weeks and went to the Dr. this past Tuesday. While measuring and doing my scan, he said my baby was weighing 3 lbs and 1 oz. I know I am a small (5'3 pre-prego weight 117) person, and i've gained about 20 lbs. but it this an okay size for my little one? They said he was doing great, and would weigh around 6-7 lbs. My mother was small and we all weighed over 9 lbs. and my babies daddy weighed over 10! Is anyone else having a small baby? or is this even small? He is measuring in the 37th percentile for weight?? He was 47% when I was 28 weeks.


danimarie - February 5

I just looked up average fetal weight and lengths at and it says that at 31 weeks the average weight should be 3.31lbs....which is 3lbs 5 oz. So your baby isn't too far off. Just be thankful....I am only 28 weeks and my baby is almost 3lbs already (the average for 28 weeks is 2.2 lbs....I am closer to the average for a 30 week baby!) If this WAS a problem then the doctor would have told you....there are averages and percentiles for a reason-someone's baby has to be the smallest and the sounds like your baby is a little under the average 50% mark, but if there was any concern the doctor would have told you....just be happy there is less to have to push out of a small space in a few weeks!!! : )


tyler0323 - February 5

i have lost more weight during this pregnancy then i have gained so far. I am now 34 weeks. at my 32 week u/s baby was at approx. 3lb13oz. you have to understand that the weight they are giving you is only and approx.


Gretta - February 5

Mine weighed 4 lbs 10 oz on Wed and I am 33-34 weeks! She was 47% percentile.


chriss - February 5

How do you even know how much the baby weighs? Everytime I ask my Dr. they say they have no way of knowing how big the baby is. I am at 35 wks and they did tell me they thought the baby was "long", I've gained 24lbs so far and my fundal measurements are right on......


JustMe - February 5

I guess I'm just being paranoid and worried, that something will be wrong with him, since he's so small. But, there is really going to be nothing i can do about it, but continue to be healthy and eat. Geesh Gretta, your little bundle with tower over mine.. hehe..


danimarie - February 5

Chriss- I think they can only give you an approximate weight if you have an ultrasound...they take a bunch of measurements and then it calculates out an approx weight. I had to have an u/s at 28 weeks to make sure my placenta had moved away from my cervix cause it was considered marginal previa at my 19 week u/s. I have also heard that the weights can be pretty off, especially at the end of pregnancy. I have heard of the estimations being off by as much as 2lbs. So I'm not really too worried...but my husband was 12lbs at birth, so I'm hoping she doesn't take after him!


spamanda - February 5

Just so you all know, good friend of mine was told she was going to have a big baby... she started worrying about it of course! lol. Anyways, her dd ended up being 7 lb. 2 oz... so not big at all! (Mine was 9 lb. 5 oz., we were thinking she was going to beat me!) So I wouldn't put too much thought into the approximate amounts they are giving you at this stage. Good luck ladies.


beth1975 - February 5

I too was measuring small, so my dr. sent me in for an u/s. Baby is fine just small. He was approx. 4-15 at 35 weeks.My concern was that he wasn't growing properly. I was told as long as you can feel him moving that is what's important.


Meghan - February 5

Hi! I just had a scan done last week, I was 33 weeks, they told me that she was measuring a week bigger and that she weighed 5 pounds 1 once! but I was a big baby and so was her dad, but I am really hoping she only gains another 2 pounds haha I am not sure about the precentile or anything like that though. I dont htink your babies weight is anything to worry about, you still have lots of time for your baby to pack on the pounds:)


Gretta - February 5

I had an ultrasound to make sure the baby was growing okay. I think its just approximate based on the measurements.


crystal74 - February 6

at my 36 week appt last thursday, the dr. told me that my baby was measuring 3 weeks larger than he should be. so i just had an ultra-sound done today but the tech couldn't tell me anything. he said my dr. would discuss it with me. but he did say that he doesn't look much bigger than he should be. but he's not the dr.



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