How Much Of What Starts Labor

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etchsirus - March 28

I've had no change in my last 3 doctor's visit. Next week I'll be at 40 weeks so the doctor has booked me to be induced on wednesday (they will only let you go over 1 week there) She didnt seem to think I'd have the baby before 40 weeks or even the week after as I've had no progress. I've heard that being induced is more painful, but also that if you get an epidural it might stop the effect of the med they give you which would lead to a c-sec. But the way my doctor talked it sounds like I could very likely end up having that happen anyways (which I do not want!) I've tried s_x, walking (which I cant do too much of cuz it gives me such back pain) pineapple, spicy food I've not tried nipp stimulatio (think I will tonight) or castor oil or primrose as my doctor pretty much told me you dont know what effect it will have so not to do it. I want to know what worked for you, not your aunt 5 years ago or someone you know or someone you know knows. If s_x worked, how much s_x? Did you need to lay down afterwards? How much spicy food or pineapple, walking or bumpy roads. Also, how long did it take before anything happened? I know a lot of people will say, oh s_x and spicy food did it for me, but what they dont say is, oh I had s_x and a curry and bam, or oh I had s_x 4 times a day for 3 weeks and only ate curry etc etc. So what did work, and how much of it did it take?


sarah21 - March 28

Well I am sitting here at 40 weeks 5 days and have tried nipple stimulation-- nothing but one good contraction and that's it. I've been remodeling my house so I've been walking and cleaning and staying busy all day long. No luck. I've been taking red raspberry leaf supplements my entire pregnancy but they don't work to induce labor anyway, they just tone your uterus. I have tried inserting evening primrose oil v____ally and so far nothing. I have had s_x as often as I can stand it and no luck. I don't want to try castor oil because I have had enough diarrhea lately to know that it doesn't help either. So nothing so far. I wish I could find something to work, believe me, I'd try just about anything right now.


DDT - March 28

I started using EPO from 35wks on with my first pregnancy. I ingested 3 tablets a day. This is supposed to help soften the cervix in preparation for labour. I have no idea if this helped bu I did go into labour naturally at 39w6d. I also walked alot within the last weeks of the uncomfortable as it was I forced myself to so it anyway. BTW when checked at 39w3d I was 0cm dilated & 70% effaced. You could go any day now and not even be dilated for it to happen. Being dilated is not a pre-requiste to go into labour. Why is your doc suggested a induction so soon. Why not wait another week past your due date to give baby and your body a chance to deliver without intervention. Good Luck!


DDT - March 28

oh your question I see your doc will be waiting a week past your due date before inducing.


etchsirus - March 29

I'm not trying to be rude, I only want to know what worked for people, not to be questioned or judged on if I get induced on my due day or wait a week to see if the baby comes by itself and if not get induced then. Letting nature takes it course is all fine and good, but seeing as my mother went over 4 weeks with me just shows that the baby could come tm, or the baby could be a month late. So please only respond with what worked and how long it took rather than your personal views on waiting.


krissy2006 - March 29

Wow, I was going to respond but nevermind. etchsirus, no one gave you their personal views, a simple question was asked and then revoked when the reader re-read what you had written. Remember ** this is a free public forum ** and if you put yourself out there you will get responses you don't necessarily like. I understand pregnancy is uncomfortable but all bad att_tudes can't be blamed on hormones. Be appreciative anyone is trying to help you and not so friggin bitter.


etchsirus - March 29

Hi Krissy2006. I am sorry if you think my post was in bad att_tude or that I am being bitter. It was in no way meant to come off that way. I am just wanting to find out what has worked for different people. I didn't want questions or comments about the subject of induction as I was not looking for answers on that with this post. I appreciate DDT's post and I saw that she re-read it and it had not offended me. So please, do not take my posts as though I have a bad att_tude or worse attacking any of you, that is not how I am typing this to be :). My tone and emotion sadly is not conveyed in just text. So please, if you have any tips on something that has worked for you I would love to hear it :)


Gemini_Girl - March 29

Hey! well I got my membranes swept when I was 5 days overdue ( i was due to be induced 10th day over) you should be able to have a sweep 40weeks+ its a 50/50 and can take up to 48 hours to work, anyways 2 days later my waters broke, but there was meconium and as I wasnt having contractions I had to be induced, i havent got anything to compare it to pain wise, but I got an epidural when I was 2cm dilated (although the anethetist tried to put me off till I was further on, my midwife said id be aswell getting it as early as I could) of course the labour was still painfull, I had terrible pressure pain in my back, and had to have a forceps delivery but 22 hours later I gave birth to my little boy and he was worth it all! Goodluck :)



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