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mary b - January 31

I know this is something you should never ask but i really need to know, how much weight have you all gained? I feel like i gained a lot but my doc does not seemed to be worried...i'm 35 wks and gained 48 lbs...i have exercised the whole pregnancy and i ate pretty good! The holidays did not help though....what do your doc's say??


candaceann1 - January 31

Dont hate me, but I have only gained 8 pounds at 31 weeks. I have had morning sickness throughout my pregnancy and have just now started pigging out!


DDT - January 31

About 24lbs total so far...I am 37w3d now. For the last 2 weeks I haven't gained any. I've heard it normal for weight gain to slow down or stop in the last few weeks leading up to the end of the pregnancy.


HEATHER - January 31

at 34weeks I was 25.6lbs I am gaining like crazy the last few weeks like 2lbs a week I really hope this stops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lilslettebak - January 31

I am 38w5d and have gained about 25 pounds thru my pregnancy


crystal74 - January 31

come on now, there's no need to lie ladies, we're all in this together. LOL. I have gained 30 pounds i am 36 weeks today


Kristin11 - January 31

Mary dont worry i am righ there with you. I am 29 1/2 weeks and i have gained over 25 lbs already. I also had gained 50 lbs with my daughters pregnancy. I was able to lose all the weight, i wouldnt worry about it if your doctor isnt worried. Everyone is different.


nounou159 - January 31

i am 34 weeks and i gained 25 pounds but at the first of my pregnancy i loose like 15 pounds or more


San - January 31

Well, if it makes you feel any better I gained 60 lbs with my first pregnancy : 0 Yikes, lol. With my second pregnancy (10 mths later) I only gained 13 lbs.


adprix - January 31

I'm 27 weeks, 3 days. I've gained 22 pounds, and I'm worried. I'm usually quite pet_te, so I feel really big now! I'm healthy and so is the baby, so my doctor isn't concerned at all. He told me I started out very tiny so he is totally okay with me gaining more than the recommended amount. I'm very excited about this pregnancy (it's my first), but I feel very unattractive. It's a strange mix of emotions, but in the end I know it will all be worth it!


Danielle26 - January 31

I'm 37 weeks 3 days and I've gained 30 lbs. I gained 50 with my DS, so I don't feel bad at all. I know I'm not going to gain those 20 lbs in the next 12 days until I'm induced! lol


tiphanai - February 1

I'm with you Maryb, 37 weeks and 42 pounds. Don't worry yourself about it though, cuz it won't stop you from gaining! hehehe And we can lose it after baby is here. Relish your chub!


chriss - February 1

I am 35 wks and have gained 24 lbs, I know this normal, but I feel huge compared to before I was pregnant, I don't believe I'll ever be a size two again! LOL anyway, the Dr. says that I am in perfect medial condition, so I'm not going to worry too much. I eat extremely well and I want to have a healthy, happy baby. Don't worry too much about this ladies, you'll loose the weight chasing the baby around!!


mary b - February 1

THANK YOU FOR YOUR REPLIES!!! i feel so much better! I am 5'9'' and i still feel so one knows how much i have really gained except your u ladies!! Well my husband knows too...everyone (even the doctor) says that i don't look like i weigh that much...This has been one of the hardest things for me to deal w/ (weight gain)...i was a fit size 6 (sometimes 4) before pregnancy..working out was a big part of life...i miss my hips!!!


chriss - February 1

Mary b, LOL, I miss my waist!! I used to have one, it's completely gone and like you I was a very active, sporty person, ran 5 miles four times per week, tennis two or three times a week and was a very fit size 2-3 and I don't know how that's ever going to happen again after seeing how my body has just expanded like a balloon, I don't see how it's possible to go back.......... The whole weight gain thing bother me also, I used be obsessed about it when I was a teenager and then finally stopped weighing myself, I just wanted to know that I feel good and was eating healthy and that was enough for me. We always weigh more than we think we do and to get on the scale is depression, so I didn't until I got pregnant and they started weighing me at every Dr.'s appt. This made me feel horrible! But really don't worry too much about it, it's almost over and within six months we will be back to our bikini shaped selves! (I can always hope right!)


Mm - February 1

I've gained over 50 pounds! I NEVER thought I'd be one to gain this much. My dr's and nurses have not once mentioned my weight gain and people say I"m "all belly." I do think a good portion of it is water retention/swelling. I'm not worried about losing it since the baby will weigh 25 pounds, right? ha ha! Today is my due date so I don't see myself gaining anymore! I thought you didn't gain weight in the last month and that's when I've gained the most...water weight I tell ya!


ILOVEMYBABY - February 1

I'm 40 weeks, 3 days and I have gained 30 pounds.



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