How Often Do You Have An Ultrasound

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JulyBaby06 - May 25

I'll be 32 weeks this Sat. and I have not had an ultrasound for almost 3 months. I've had a really normal pregnancy, the only problem that I've had is that my morning (or should I say, all day) sickness has not gone away. I'm just hoping that I'll have at least one more ultrasound before my little one comes. My doctor had said nothing about having another ultrasound. What have you ladies experienced.


Been There - May 25

Most women only get 1 ultrasound and that's around 20 weeks. So, unless you have some serious problems, you most likely won't get another one.


dee23 - May 25

in australia, they do 2, one at 12wks, and one at 20wks. as far as i can tell alot of other ladies dont get the opportunity after 20 weeks either. maybe request one? not sure what they'll say, im pretty sure u need a reason, but no harm in asking! :)


Roary - May 25

In Canada, general practice is to do 2 ultrasounds: one before 12 weeks, one at around 20 weeks. I am having a 35 week ultrasound because the doctors want to check the baby's position and size.


krista-lee - May 25

i only got one done at 20 weeks


JulyBaby06 - May 25

Thanks Ladies, the only reason I would like to have another is because I've had two miscarriages back to back, and would like to just ease my mind by seeing the little one again.


Evonna - May 26

I got only one done @ 22 weeks..and never been scheduled for another ever since. I would also like another ultrasound to see my baby before she is born.


lori - May 26

I had one at 20wks and I'm now 40 weeks and 5 days. If I don't have the baby by Monday I will have another with a fetal a__sessment. I can't wait because they wouldn't tell me the s_x of the baby at my first one (some sort of backwards hospital policy) but I will find out during a fetal a__sessment. I am Canadian and where I live you only get one at 20wks unless something is wrong or to monitor the baby if you are past due.


torbman - May 26

I had one to find out how far long I was which was 12 weeks, then had another at 20 weeks, now having another at 31 weeks on tuesday to find out size and position of baby.


MelG - May 27

I've probably had about 7 ultrasounds with this pregnancy. I had a couple early on because of past miscarriage history, then 1 at 17 weeks with a high risk doctor to check for abnormalities, then a couple to check on my placenta because it has been low-lying, and one last week to check on the position of the baby and the placenta, and a final one scheduled for 2 weeks to again check on the placenta. The last one I could clearly see the baby frowning during the whole thing and it had me worried about the safety. They say it's safe but I saw a National Geographic special that said in the late stages of pregnancy the babies frown because they can clearly hear the vibrations from the ultrasound and don't seem to like it much.


Tiarali - May 29

I'm in Qld, Australia, and here they only do one at around 20 weeks unless you are unsure about your dates, in which case they will do an early one to confirm your dates. I have had two extra ones this pregnancy, but one was due to bleeding and cramping early in pregnancy, we were worried that I was losing bub. And the other was just a quick informal one at my 36 week appointment at the hospital, just to check what position bub was in.



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