How Often Does A Newborn Have To Go To The Doctors

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Curious - July 26

I am currently living in CA and plan to move across the country to the east coast after our baby is born, but I don't want to move until I know that all the dr. appointments and stuff are going to be taken care of through my husbands insurance out here. So my question is, when we move, it will probably take my husband 90 days after getting a new job to get a new insurance plan for us and the baby, so how long after the baby is born, (assuming and hoping that everything is normal) do the doctor appointments usually become less frequent, like will there be a time when we can actually move and not have to take her to the doctor for a couple months till our new insurance becomes available? i hope that I am asking this question i just want to make sure that our baby will be covered long enough to get the care she needs. anyone with any knowledge with this, i'd really appreciate it...Thanks


Jbear - July 26

The baby goes to the doctor at 2 weeks, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12, 15, 18 months and 2 years. This doesn't include sick visits. The checkup itself isn't usually that expensive but the shots that the baby needs at each visit can be costly. It might be possible for your husband to pay to continue the insurance until his coverage from the new job becomes effective.


Maleficent - July 26

my kids were seen at 2 weeks, 1 mo, 2mo, 4mo, 6 mo, 9mo, and 1 year. if our husband cannot continue his insurance then you need to contact social servicies and get the baby covered during the 90 days. do not go wihtout insurance! anything can happen. if you don't qualify for state medical aid then look into paying for private insurance for those 90 days. if the baby gets sick or something worse happens then you don't want to be left with no insurance. it's just too risky.


Jodie - July 27

Here in australia the baby usually only sees the dr at 6 weeks, or whenever it is sick, otherwise they see a community nurse, which is free. I used to take my kids in every week when they were newborns just to check out their weight, the nurses also do all vacinations



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