How Often Should She Be Moving At 28 Weeks

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amanda - November 2

I feel her move almost every morning and at night for about 30 minutes. But it is nothing like I have read for some of you. I wish she would move more so I don't worry. Anyone know what is normal? I have a baby beat doppler so I can listen to her heart when ever which is reasurring.


Hanna - November 3

I don't think there's a standard, to be honest. My baby isn't a real mover either, but like yours, he moves in the morning and in the evening. Sometimes, when I wake up at night, I find he's pretty busy too. Like you, I sometimes wish he would move more, but on the other hand.. It could just be his character! I don't want that changed!


Ca__sie - November 3

I think your baby's movements are fine... Doctors usually tell you to find two active times during the day if you want to count, and it sounds like she's doing that.


amber - November 4

hey i think everything is fine i had the same problem at 28 weeks to but then when i hit 29 she started moving more, i could feel her feet.


Jessica - November 4

My baby isn't much of a mover either. Some days he is moving more than others. Yesterday I almost called the doctor because I didn't feel him move much but then after a big dinner he was doing backflips in there. He is definetly a night person. I am almost 31 weeks and I know soon the movements will decrease a little cause he will start to get to big. I wish he would move a little more but I read that as long as you can feel at least 10 movements in a 2 hour span everything should be okay. I do have a doppler as well but my dh and I were able to hear the heartbeat with his stethescope which is rea__suring as well.


Rachel.R - November 5

Im 30 weeks today. and yes. my bub was doing the same. although some days i wouldnt feel her. Now im 30 weeks.. i feel her alot more now. i used to get worried. but as soon as i felt her kick it would be a relief to know she was alright.


Samantha - November 6

Hi Amanda! I am 28 wks as well, and my doctor says about 10 movements per hour is normal! :) Although my little guy moves WAY more than that usually! :) Sometimes it also depends on what position i'm in, when he moves the most! Hope that helps! :)


SaraL - November 8

Hi Amanda. My first baby, a girl, wasn't a mover at all - hardly ever felt her. Now I'm 27 weeks with a boy... soccer champ on the way. Everytime I get up to pee at night he wakes up and it takes me for ever to get him to calm down and stop kicking. My hubby and I took our daughter to see Chicken Little Saturday and about 5 minutes into the movie I put his hand on my tummy - they baby moved during the whole movie. Hubby was amazed, up until then he's only felt kicks here and there. I think he better understand my sleeping problems now!


djb - November 8

I just was at the dr today and she gave me a sheet of paper that had a "10 count" on it. It said that if you can feel your baby move ten times before lunch time that you can stop counting for the day. If not then eat and lie down for 1 hour on your side and if you feel 5 kicks that you are o.k. if not call your doctor. She said babys go through sleep cycles and when you are really wanting them to move their sleeping. Good luck and God bless all!



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