How Should I Arrange Baby S Clothes

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leslie - September 25

ok, so I am like a week away from my due date and I have almost everything done..except I have a little problem..I have a big dresser for my baby and I don't know how to arrange the clothes, right now I have arranged by size so frist drawer is everything from newborn, then second 0-3 and so on. but I don't know b/c then I have onsies in all of them, hats, socks, and it all kind of looks not-organized.. and his little suits are hanging in the closet but that is it. anyone have any suggestions as how to arrange it better?


Jennifer - September 25

Sounds like it's fine to me, someone suggested to me to put the clothes into the drawers by size like you did, otherwise you will forget what you have and you may find cute clothes that the baby hasn't worn and is then to big for.


C3 - September 25

Yeah, I'm planning to sort by (physical)size and not what it says on the label. If my baby can still wear it, who cares what month it says on the label *lol.


leslie - September 25

yes, I have also noticed that depending where you buy the clothes the sizes are not the same, for example one onsie that I bought at one store says newborn and another one that is the same in size says 3-6months so its a pain.or a little pijama says for one year old and it looks like if its for a 3 month old! lol! I was getting a little frustrated but I think I did my best... I am sure that after the baby is born I am going to change everything again!


noams - September 25

I think it is a great idea to keep the size your baby fits in the top draw, I did the same with my first. I found that the suits ended up in the draw as well


Valerie - September 26

Hey leslie send me your email and I will send you pics of how I arranged my baby clothes. My email is [email protected]


L - September 27

Leslie, My sis had the idea to put little plastic bins in the dresser drawers to seperate the different types of clothing, then organize each drawer to size (like you already have) seperating out the onesies, hats, socks, etc in the bins. If your drawers are big enough , and you find bins small enought this sounds like it would work great. Maybe look at Rubbermaid bins at Wal-Mart and just leave lids off. I need to do this, but haven't yet. I have a couple months to go. Good Luck.


Amanda - September 27

What I did was put all the onsies, socks, hats, bibs, etc in his top drawer and arranged the onsies by size. I hung up all of his newborn and 0-3 months size clothes and outfits that way I could physically look at what I wanted to put on him and that way my boyfriend could just look in the closet and see what fits instead of looking through drawers and putting something too big on him. I will just change out the sizes as he grows. When he grows out of a size I have a plastic tub I am storing stuff in to go through next summer for a yard sale. I hope this helps



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