How Soon Before Your Due Date

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erin25 - February 18

Hi everyone, hope everyone is feeling ok!!! I was just long before your due date did you guys start having s_x everyday and walking everyday??? I am 31 going on 32 weeks and I have already started doing this this too soon? Any information would be grateful!


newbaby2009 - February 18

Walking/having s_x only has a chance of working to bring on labor if your body is already physically ready to go into labor on its own. So itreally doesnt matter when you start doing these things. If you're body isnt ready it isnt going to make a difference. Im 40 weeks today and have been doing these things for 2 weeks now. Im 3 cm dilated and 60% effaced and it isnt doing anything.


CourtneyHope - February 19

erin25 - I would probably wait until you were atleast 35,36 weeks for your baby's lungs to develop more and for them to get some more fat on their little bones. That is just me though. I will be 36 weeks this Saturday, and I would like some tips! We have not been having the s_x every night because it is kind of awkward...wish it wasn't though...cause I miss it. Hubby is too worried to squish our little one. Is it too early to start walking more? It is freezing right now where we are, so I'm not sure that would work either...pointers anyone?!


newbaby2009 - February 19

Try doggy-style or spooning s_x. No risk of squashing the baby and its the most comfortable. Like i said before unless your body is already physically ready nothing you can do will self induce labor. So you can go ahead and walk all you want.


angelmonkey - February 20

none of these things actually bring on labour they just help prepare your body so you can start anytime really s_x helps soften the cervix and walking helps move baby down...........i,ve always done alot of walking anyway and s_x was a no no towards the end of my pregnancy, i tried drinking reaspberry leaf tea and using epo and nipple stimulation all form 34 weeks onwards and i had my little girl on the 8th feb 6days early............oh and i ate a pineapple about a week before i had her and spent 2 days decorating our bedroom and went in to labour the night we finished


elizabear - February 20

Courtney, there is also the position of where you lie semi spoon more like an upside T shape really where you join at the groin with one of your legs between his and the other over his shoulder, this way gives you a little control as well.... Just tell him, how do you think babies gets dimples....rflmao. ..kidding ,,, baby will be ok ..seriously though this position is pretty good, and if you are worried about being flat on your back you can put a flat pillow behind you on one side and tilt a little. Newbaby is right though, if the baby is not ready all you will do is hurt yourself or the baby. They work by their time not our time, and the best thing for the hatchling is to leave it be, the best chance it has to being healthy is to come when ready.



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