How Soon Can You Sweep Membranes

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Lindsay - January 28

37 weeks?? I wanna try this asap =) <-----impatient and doesnt really believe in any hocus pocus. I dont wanna be 40weeks+ jumping on the bed rubbing my nipples with castor oil in one hand and rasp tea in the other...sigh


Sam - January 28

Hello, I know some doctors won't do it until you're 40 weeks or over. Mine did it at 38 weeks, then again at 39, because I asked and she doesn't have a problem with it, I guess.. Apparently, the membranes get "stickier" and "softer" the closer you get to labor, so at 37 weeks (and in my case at 38 and 39) it may not work at all and you may end up going through the pain (although it's short-lived) for nothing. It's also been kind of a disappointment for me, because when the doc did it at 38 weeks, she said she can tell if the membranes are soft and ready, or still pretty firm. She said mine were kind of in the middle, but that she didn't think I'd make it to my due date. Well, here I am...I'll be 40 weeks on Wednesday, and no sign that labor is coming any time soon (Oh, you might also lose your mucous plug if she sweeps your membranes, but don't get excited about that either. It only happens because the doc is rummaging around up there). So my point is that it's worth a try, in my opinion, but it doesn't always work. AND it'll work better (supposedly) the closer you get to your due date. Doesn't hurt to ask your doctor, though...good luck!


Lindsay - January 29

Sam, how bad did it hurt you? some say it doesnt hurt at all and some say it does hurt. Is it just a crampy feeling or something else? Thanks for the info.


Sam - January 29

It definitely hurts, but only while she was doing it. The pain is gone immediately after she's "out of there." It's not a crampy feeling...I guess I would compare it to when you get a pap and they sc___pe your cervix, only 10 times worse because she's got a good portion of her hand up there, so there's a lot of pressure, too. I'm making it sound terrible. It hurt, but it wasn't bad. I'd definitely give it a try again, even if it wasn't guaranteed to work.



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