How To Quot Enjoy The Last Weeks Of Freedom Quot

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kaitlin - December 6

I don't know about any of you, but as a first timer, I constantly hear how my life is about to change dramatically, and that I should "enjoy these last weeks of freedom". My standard response has been "how can I enjoy this part, which is so hard on my body?" I feel like I've gone to war and back, and I really can only look forward to delivery because I can finally share this baby with my husband in a true sense. I love it so much, but it has literally been all on my shoulders for 9 months - am I crazy to think it'll be better after the baby is out? Are people right when they say that I should be enjoying my last weeks of freedom, and if so, what can I do to enjoy them? My husband and I already do a nice dinner out every Friday night (we've been doing this for months now) and we went away for a weekend to a ski resort when I was around 31 weeks. Now at 36 weeks, I can't say I'm enjoying anything too much.


Vanaseregwen - December 6

Just do what you want to do, after the baby comes-you will be doing what it wants. This is my second and final pregnancy and I'm 36 weeks too. I'm just enjoying the fact that I can bring my baby to work everyday, I know she's not hungry, cold, wet, or crying. I missed having my son with me 24/7 when I went back to work after my leave was up. Enjoying your last weeks doesn't have to mean a huge party every night. Goodness knows, I'm too pooped to party now!! Just try to pamper yourself. Take a nice long hot bath, enjoy being able to sit down and eat an uninterupted meal, watch your favorite movie.


shelbi - December 6

IMO, it's kind of wrong to tell a new mother that. it's like telling a guy to have as much fun as he can b4 the 'big day' b/c then it's over. yano? having a child DOES change your life, but it doesn't take away your freedom. it's just different.. and IMO it's better :) i agree w/ Vanaseregwen - pamper yourself.


Jennifer - December 6

I'm about to be a first time mom too, and everyone keeps telling me the same thing. I've been watching movies, doing my nails, reading non-baby books, and sleeping as late as I want on Saturdays. I look forward to getting my People magazine on Fridays and sittting down to read it cover to cover totally uninterupted. I think these are the things people mean when they say enjoy your freedom. But like shelbi said I see it as trading one good thing for another. Yea we're going to be busy as hell, but we will have a purpose to our lives we've never had before. I'm just trying to sleep and relax as much as possible before the baby comes.


lauren - December 6

!!!!!SLEEP!!!!!!!! Im a first time mom as well, due in 4 days!!!! and im just trying to get as much rest as i can. These last few days will probably be the last ones where i can actually sleep in, so im takin full advantage of them : ) I also treated myself to a manicure & pedicure, I painted my toes pink and blue, they'll probably laugh at me in the hospital!! Just try and relax as much as you can, and enjoy your time with you're belly, because i bet you'll miss all the little kicks and hiccupps when the baby is born :) good luck and merry christmas!!


Elizabeth - December 7

Has anyone decribed the first six weeks as Hell to you? That is what drives me crazy, I am 40 weeks and just waiting and i think it is just mean to tell an expectant mother that the first six weeks she has with her baby will be Hell.. How are we suppossed to rest and relax if people are giving us warnings, its like how do you want me to respond? I am trying to keep a positive att_tude and rememember that women have been doing this for ever and we are all different.


Annette - December 7

I get that a lot, too, and find it a little annoying. Does it get THAT bad??? I am terrified enough about labor and when I hear it I can´t help but thinking "Oh.Sh*t.what did I get myself into????"


Sarah - December 7

My dd is 3 months old now-they have been the hardest 3 months of my life, but the happiest!! If I could go back things I would have done more is SLEEP, watch lots of movies, eat alot, take warm baths, go shopping, go on internet. You should just do what ever kinds of things you love to do. I also wanted by baby to come so bad so that I wouldn't be pregnant anymore, but it is true you will miss being pregnant. Take some pictures of your belly.


kaitlin - December 8

Thanks everyone. I am trying really hard to enjoy those things - sleep, read, etc. but I can't get comfortable at all. I don't truly "enjoy" any of these moments. I have never enjoyed the pregnancy part (other than looking forward to the outcome) so I'm not too worried that I will miss it. I'm more concerned about how bad it is going to get. I mean, if it can get worse than it is now, I feel like I might just lose it. I CANNOT accept that anything can be worse than this discomfort which is constant, and the feeling that I am almost "disabled". I don't feel that I am participating as an equal in my marriage. I'm always in pain or trying to get comfortable. We go out for dinner, and I'm uncomfortable and can't sit still. We go away for a weekend, and I'm in a bad mood because I can't walk, have nothing to wear that fits over this big belly anymore, and feel heartburn continuously. I truly believe that the first 6 weeks (which everyone does tell me are horrible) can't be worse, based on my experience during pregnancy. Maybe it is just me, but I can handle anything in my "normal" state; I can't handle being out of control of my body. Mind you, I guess I should update this after I give birth to see if I still feel the same way! I just don't know what the "hell" of the first 6 months is, but I do know that I am already going through sleepless nights, and pregnancy/the baby already rules my life. I feel like at least when the baby comes out, we can incorporate it into things we like to do a little bit and not have to worry about what is going on in there where we have no insight. Maybe I'm naive. Am I? If the issue is sleep, I can deal with that (I've been without sleep for awhile now). If there's something else, someone should just say what it is!!


lauren - December 8

Kaitlin, I totally know how you feel, i think being pregnant is not much fun either!!! I am also in constant pain, and it just gets worse as you get bigger. I envy those women who say they love being pregnant, the only thing i like about being pregnant is feeling the baby move, the rest of the stuff i could do without!!! I have had a rough pregnancy, i had emergency surgery at 34 weeks to remove an infected appendix, and the recovery has been tough, i actually had to ask my doc for some sleeping pills, because i couldn't sleep for mor than 3 hours at night. I feel a little better now that the end is near, only 2 more days, yay!!! I know its tough, but you will get through it, and you will be a great mom. Have you gone for a ma__sage?? they are a little expensive, but they are well worth it, and they really do help with the aches and pains. Plus they are really relaxing and can help get you in a better fram of mind, you should give it a try.... what have you got to lose??? I hope you feel better, and just rember you're not pregnant forever, thank god!!!!! good luck:)


melissa - December 11

i agree COMPLETELY with lauren -- i think it is hard being pregnant and for the most part, pretty d__n uncomfortable, the best part BY FAR of this whole thing is feeling the baby move!! i was just diagnosed with gest.diabetes, and am 29 weeks now -- but all of this will have been worth it to have my baby girl!


Beth - December 11

Kaitlin-I hate when people say these things to me too. I especially hate when I say I am tired and they say oh you think your tired now...just wait! I can't stand when anyone says how tired or hard of a time I will have when I have a baby or that I don't know what I am getting myself into. UGH I am not stupid I know what a baby is! Just because this is my first doesn't mean I can't handle it. Okay sorry I had to add my venting too!



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