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TRACI - December 30

what should i do about 39 weeks and its been h__l what could i do to make me go into labor i cant wait anymore.


abc - December 31

drink castro oil


brandy - December 31

try jumping jacks....castor oil is nasty and may not even work. trust i tried it twice!!! i'm 38wks and today i will try black cohosh to see how that works. best of luck and happy new year


TRACI - January 1

I did drink Castrol oil with my first daughter one night and she came that next moring about 6 somthing. Should I do it again. My daughter is two and half now.


b - January 2

don't rush it...its not like your gonna get the tax break now anyway...hahaha


amber - January 2

All i have heard of is s_x and walking, and of course the castro oil but i wouldnt personally do that.


Rainie - January 2

Well, I'm 36wks and I tried the nipple stimulation one last night thinking it wouldn't actually work. But I'm pretty sure it did, contractions started and they havent gone away, I'm getting a lot of discharge too.... now I'm just thinking was that a bad idea? But since he's over 7lbs and lungs are mature now and I'm tired of pregnancy anyways I think I'm going to keep doing it and we'll see how long it takes!


TRACI - January 2

Thanks to everyone for replying to this ad. I will keep everything in mind.


no name - January 2

Dont drink castor oil! I did at 38 wks and ended up extremely ill.... i had my baby a week later but went into labor on my own... when it happens it will your baby knows when it wants to come out.


kim - February 16

S_x don't help you go inot labor like most seem to think. I'm having twins and really want to go into labor, my husband is on a 10 day leave from the Military, So we have been trying s_x every night, It's not working. I want him to be with me when I am in labor, I also have tried the nipple rub that don't help either. I think walking isn't a way to push labor either I walk all the time and I worked tell I was 32 weeks along, just give it time, what works for others isn't always for you. I wish all of u mom/dads the best


LO - May 16



sara - May 16

traci, I wouln't try jumping jacks, no offense to you brandy. I jokingly asked my dr. that and he was like "oh no, don't do that!" He also said not to try castor oil, which I had already but he did'nt know. I didn't know this before I tried it but in case you have'nt read elsewhere castor oil can make your baby go to the bathroom inside the uterus which is called meconium which is not good and could be harmful. All it did for me was give me diarehea and I'm hoping there is no meconium present when he is born. Good luck.


ash - May 16

s_x.. i had s_x once and it didnt even last long and im another Cm.. but it could have been the 2 cans of pinapple i also ate, plus walking stairs


stacey - July 14

I am 39 weeks with my first and i drank castor 2 days ago and nothing has happened only terrible bathroom trips


J - July 14

I was all about castor oil until I tried it. I tried it twice. The first time I was in 5 hours of false labor and the second time was a couple days ago and was in 12 hours of false labor. I had contractions 3-5 minutes apart for 12 hours and then all of the sudden stopped! After all that my cervix is still thick!! So much for nothing. I tried pinapple too but that just gave me a very sore mouth and nipplle stimulation just gives me contractions while im doing it and stops when I stop. I have been having s_x and walking throughout the entire pregnancy and hasnt done anything. I think I give up now!!!! lol =o)


- July 14

walking and s_x losts of s_x and more s_x. good luck


megan - August 4

go to taco bell get you some food and get fire hot sauce then so get you some castol oil then take and go walking then go have s_x



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