How To Bring On Labor

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karla - September 12

how can you push your self to go into labor if it is time for the baby to be due


Angela - May 20

The best way to induce labour is with your partner.......the hormone contained in s____n is the same hormone they use in the hospital to induce you by applying it to your cervix. So if you are still comfortable having s_x, make sure he finishes and then have him continuously play with your nipples to stimulate them for a good 20 minutes or so, and this will help your uterus to contract. I have also read that walking is good to stimulate labour too.


amy - July 12

take 4 tablespoons of caster oil and chase it with a warm can of rootbeer and go walking at a fast pace for about 45 min.


sc - July 28

i agree with angela - the way it started is the way to end it!! and yes the hormones are the same as the gel they use in hospital - put it this way at least it's got to be more fun than drinking caster oil!! (i'd give that one a miss!!!)


Lynne - August 1

I drank about half a bottle of castor oil before bed, a week after my third baby was due, at the advice of a mother-in-law who insisted this was a good remedy. I think it worked (I delivered a 9 lb, 11 oz. boy about 5 hours later), but the cramping was nasty. The worst (and most embara__sing part) was defecating during labor...I felt so sorry for the nurses who had to keep cleaning things up. So, there are the pros and cons to this. However, I prefer this method to pitocin in light of what I've heard from others who who medically-induced.


M. - August 2

Well, I've read all your advices and after reading this and other things, I think I'll stick to the s_x. It feels good and enjoyable, and is a nice way to go into Labour, don't you think?? Dr. says I could be premature anyways, at least I'm in my 7th Month.


lyndsey - August 3

i have decided to try castor oil , i am due on sunday but cant wait , i am so uncomfortable. i will keep you informed


Elisa - August 3

My mom says walking up and down stairs. Well hello that's a work out! I am a firm believer and 37 wks along as well. When my daughter is ready, she'll come out to the big blue world all on her own, when she's ready. Why should I try and rush her? But yes I have also heard from my doctor start having s_x so, it must work to a certain degree. Good luck!!!!!


Amy - August 5

I tried castor oil to and it did not work for me either it tastes so gross - August 8

i think the best way is to wait for the baby because the baby going to come when he want to.


carrie - August 8

castor oil just gets your bowells moving and if you dont mind that then drink makes you bear down like you would if you were pushing...s_x just puts s____n in your cervix and can help soften it but does not have anything in that they would use at the should go for a walk and then have s_x to help soften your have to be having contractions for anything to work... i went for a walk last night and no s_x i am on pelvic rest until the end but it brought on some good contractions and this morning more of my mucous plug came out...i am 36 weeks and 4 days now....just start walking cause they will make you walk at the hospital anyways....relax your body witha warm bath and if youre having contractions relax through them so they will change your cervix...although every woman is different is is still quite the same..i feel a crampy menstral like feeling in my groin area when my cervix is working...i am 90% effaced so walking works..have s_x if you want to help soften the cervix but most likely it wont bring on any contractions...castor oil is extremely nasty i wouldnt drink that c___p...i hope i have helped you a little...


M. - August 10

To the last answer, Lindsey, but if you drink Castor Oil, dosn't it help empty out your bowls, making your stomach lighter and feeling better??


leanne - August 13

caster oil does work. i went in to labor after i drank it


Christina - August 18

I am 41 weeks. If I do lnot go into labor within 3 days the dr will induce me. I would rather not have that done. I have tried walking, s_x, nipple stim, even eggplant. Nothing seems to work for me. I hve been diolated 1cm for 2 weeks now but I have only been having the braxton hicks contractions. The thing I hate most in life is late. My son is that now. I am so uncomfortable all the time with back pain and he has no more room. The dr thinks he will be a big baby so that just adds to my stress. The longer he stays in the harder it will be for me to devliver naturaly. If they don't want out they don't want out. Plain and simple. i hope things work out for you other women as they have not for me.


alicia - August 18

I definatly agree with the women who think s_x and walking is the best way.Besides it being the best way it is also the safest and healthiest ways.I also think that the safest way is just to be patient!


37 WEEKS THIRD BABY - August 19



Amanda - August 22

My sister in law Just Drank the C___p it did nothing for her. Maybe she didnt Drink that much i dunno but all i know is that she almost gagged on it. The box says it tastes like rootbeer she said it tastes like you know what!!!



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