How To Bring On Labor

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Carrie - June 29

I heard of alot of things you can do to induce labor, But remember it may or may not work... Evening primrose oil is supose to ripen your cervics, red raspberry tea leafs is supose to help start contractions, Blue and black cohosh is supose to cause contractions and help keep them regular. Please I advise everyone not to take castor oil, it can be dangerous, there are alot of sites on the web that can also give you advice on how to start contractions. I am 35 weeks and I have been taking evening primrose oil for a week, I go to the drs tomorrow so we will see if it is actually helping me cervix soften and dilate. hope this helped out....


Jessicca - June 29

I heard walking can help alot.


Curious - July 1

I read something on these roots called blue and black cohosh. Blue supposedly makes contractions strong and black to regulate them


Sarah - July 4

37 weeks. On Friday my doctor tol me I was dilated at 3cm. I have a daughter already but this pregnancy is so much different I am so uncomfortable ans want this boy out I came home on friday and s_x and am going to continue until this baby comes, I dont want to go to work on Tuesday. Wish me luck


MMD3 - July 5

Well, I just tried the raw potato. I didn't find it disgusting, I used to eat them raw all the time as a kid -- just add a little salt. I'll let you know how this works! Almost 39 weeks with #3. Doc says big baby -- 14" head at least by now. Doc doesn't want it to get much bigger and will induce next week if I don't go on my own.


clare louise - July 7

I'm 36 weeks pregnant and really impatient and want this baby out soon, but i'm NOT gonna try the caster oil method, I've heard from a lot of people the RASBERRY LEAF TEA helps, I'll start taking it soon. You take it anywhere from 36 wks + and it contracts and strengthens your uterus making labour shorter. Bear in mind it can start labour off or give you contractions so try not to take too much at once. hope this helps


clare louise - July 7

Hi i dont know if this works but i've heard rasberry leaf tes capsules or the drink taken from 36wks+ can help bring on labour. I'm 36 wks and will start to try this asap, but you musn't take too much at once as it can bring on contractions. They say that it helps contract and strengthen the uterus in preperation for labour making it shorter. Hope this helps.


Jamie Marie - July 9

I think walking helps.


anne - July 9

the tea wont bring on labour, it only tones the uterus.


jojo - July 19

i am 38 weeks now with my third... i have tried castor oil.. but that didnt work, i just vomited... walking didnt do much.. the tea didnt do anything, and s_x is not working either... grrrr.. i guess i just have to wait it out.. but man am i sick of carrying this kid around lol!


DIANNE - July 20



sam - July 31

i agree with amy except i did it with orange juice and went to bed i went in labor 7hrs later


Tracey - August 10

Ladies, I am only 27 weeks along, and the thought of swallowing that, OMG! This is my fourth child-always wanted a nice -sized family.. Well anyways, when I carried my last child, my daughter didn't want to come out.. My midwife told me that there were three things that I could do to induce labor while at home.. WALK, HAVE s_x, AND/OR STIMULATE YOUR NIPPLES. I don't mean to sound graphic, but this comes directly from a Health source.. Personally, I did the walking method. After 4-5 laps around our cul-de-sac, I was feeling it.. But what most of you have said, is also true.. s_xual relations w/s____n will penetrate and cause the dilation, as far as working with the above thingies, it's proven that if that occurs, then you will increase your contractions. For b___stfeeding mothers out there- that 's why after your contractions have stopped for a few hours or days, the b___stfeeding will cause contractions, in fact- this aids in the repositioning/shaping of the uterus, quicker.. nurse 11 yrs.


tracey - August 10

I just wanted to take back my entry.I don't think that it's medically necessary to " stimulate" one's labor. I've been there too, wanting to meet my child, curious, fustrated with the pain and discomfort, but the birth is just as hard on the baby, as it is on the mother, both are going through great depths to deliver life/become born. Some entries have bothered me, and forgive me- I am not judging you, but there are risks out there and sometimes when you get overly fustrated or impatient, who knows what factors remain for your child. There are so many children that inhale fecal matter, and this could cause a variety of symptoms, and then some of you want to down oils? If you ingested this mineral oil, while not pregnant, what do you honestly believe would happen? You would get diarrhea and possibly over-stimulate your system, quite possibly -depending on the amount taken, you could cause intestinal spasms, which believe me, feel like labor, only without the child.. Please be careful and use common sense, please. That's all.


b20 - August 13

i believe no mother has a heart to hurt their child, what if some thing goes wrong and u blame urself for the rest of ur life?? whatever u try if they really forced the baby to come out but unhealty will it worth it? best of luck to everyone ..and may God give u all patience...


Tinkletot 39 weeks - November 24

I don't know what to do. I am so tired of being pregnant, but I also want my baby to be healthy. My husband's sister just got murdered and I think me having the baby now will bring a lot of joy to his life and the life of his family. I know that sounds crazy, but I think it's true. They need joy in the time of despair. I read almost everyone of the entries here and most of them sound kind of crazy. I did read the one from the doctor and she/he made a lot of sense. Don't put your baby's life in danger. Take it from someone who has lost two babies. You want the baby as healthy as possible. I love all you mothers out there and wish everyone the best. Stay patient and strong. Tinkletot 39 Weeks



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