How To Bring On Labor

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Tinkletot 39 weeks - November 24

I don't know what to do. I am so tired of being pregnant, but I also want my baby to be healthy. My husband's sister just got murdered and I think me having the baby now will bring a lot of joy to his life and the life of his family. I know that sounds crazy, but I think it's true. They need joy in the time of despair. I read almost everyone of the entries here and most of them sound kind of crazy. I did read the one from the doctor and she/he made a lot of sense. Don't put your baby's life in danger. Take it from someone who has lost two babies. You want the baby as healthy as possible. I love all you mothers out there and wish everyone the best. Stay patient and strong. Tinkletot 39 Weeks


Emily - December 3

TRY ACCUPUNCTURE! I have been to an accupuncurist who said he can induce labor. He said 80% of the women go into labor within a day, and he has a lot of women who's water break while they are still there or on their way out to the car. He won't do it without a Doctor's note though. I am 38 weeks and I am going to try it next week. I'll let you know how it goes.


Jill - December 11

I'm due with my first baby in 10 days - Dec. 20/05 - and I just PRAY that baby comes before Christmas! Who wants their b-day on Christmas? I REALLY hope it comes in 2005 ! I've been having alot of false labor contractions and cramping - but nothing else... It seems alot of the advice is the same on this board - but my doctor only suggested lots of s_x. She didn't specify exactly why. I'm a__suming if your doc doesn't suggest it, it probably isn't anything more than an Old wives tale. They do know best! I agree that the castor oil thing is ridiculous - why would you want to make yourself even MORE uncomfortable than you already are late in pregnancy??? Just the IDEA that it isn't safe for baby turns me right off. Why try be so safe and healthy for baby all these months just to throw caution to the wind because you can't wait a few more days? I guess our baby will come in it's own time - no matter how much I want to see and hold him or her! Good luck everyone -


Jill - December 11

Just thought of something - at the spa I went to , the girl told me they don't wax women in their third trimester because it has been shown to bring on labor. Something to do with the adrenaline. Think I might pull out the self waxing kit tonight! It will serve more than one needed purpose~!


Meredith - December 12

I just read every answer here, and I think there are good suggestions. I am not quite ready to try them yet, I am breathing on 37 weeks, but as soon as I am 39 I will start. I will begin the Raspberry tea now though, anything to make labor easier. This is my second, and with my first I was in no hurry. She came a week early by herself, and she was a tiny 5lbs 11oz. I do remember taking a long, walking shopping trip, eating spicy food, and having an orgasm the night before I went into labor. (I did not do this to induce labor, it was pure coincidence.)This second pregnancy has been way more uncomfortable, and I cannot imagine going a second longer than I have to. My doctor must be a very nice doctor, because he will induce a week early if you want. (Surely that is contingent on your baby being big enough and healthy.) I will try the castor oil later, closer to my due date. I know everybody keeps talking about that doctor who posted about how dangerous it is, but how many others posted that thier doctors told them to? I think perhaps the danger is if you are doing it too early, if you are close to going in to labor, what is the difference in pushing things along? If your baby is big enough, I think you should be allowed to go early. And for all you mothers who said they did not have any kind of drugs, MORE POWER TO YOU, but for me, pa__s the epidural, please. :)


Jaclyn - December 15

Jill- I am also due on December 20, 2005 and I had a doctors appointment yesterday and she said that she thinks I will go past my due date!!!!! And I really dont want the baby to be born on Christmas either. I would love to try having s_x but my husband won't do it. He is scared to because of the I guess I will just have to wait until the baby decides that he/she is ready to come.


Jill - December 19

Jaclyn , Good luck - we both need it!! I hope you're doing better than I am. Today (the 19th) I went to the doc and she swept my membranes and insisted that if at all possible, I have s_x with my husband tonight if I want things to get moving - because she says the combination is strongly thought to bring on labor. Last week we started doing it and my husband ruined it by constantly asking me to change positions (I basically can only be on top) saying he was worried about crushing the baby. I'm like - "THE BABY"S FINE!!! ARGH!" I don't want to go through that again - but things aren't looking too good for me making my due date. I have a fetal a__sesment booked for the 28th which will determine if they'll induce me or wait until 2006!!! When will this baby be born!!??


clraynor - December 19

My Doctor told me last week that sperm could bring on labor. I've already lost my mucus plug and was between 1 and 2 cm dilated. Last time I had s_x it was so uncomfortable, I'll just wait. LOL.


Meredith - December 24

Okay, I just thought I would share that I did not have to try any weird things to make my baby come. She came out quite naturally, and two weeks early. I had s_x throughout my whole pregnancy, and I had told my husband we had to have s_x more when it got closer to time. It worked, believe me...she came into the world two days ago. I am grateful my husband was only a little scared to have s_x. He was a little worried, but he came around. I 100% believe that having s_x is the best thing to do.


Chris - December 26

There is not anything you can do to induce labor on your own. No there is not enough hormone in s____n to start the labor process or no pregnant women could have s_x, use some common sense people.


clraynor - December 26

In reply to Chris: This is from week 38 in pregnancy weekly: What’s Happening with Your Body? You’re waiting now. Your Braxton Hicks contractions are more frequent and intense. You may feel large and ungainly but, unless your water has broken, it’s fine to have s_x. As a matter of fact, intercourse and nipple stimulation are some methods people use to induce labor naturally.


melanie - December 28

You can't, just let the baby come when it wants to! What's a few more days??


to all - December 29

I agree with Melanie. I was a first baby & came 3 weeks late. My mom is just fine, & so am I. She barely remembers being late at all.


Lisa - December 29

I read that nothing you eat or drink will bring on contractions (unless you are given medication from the doctors) that your body will have the baby when it is ready...the rest is just myth.


toclraynor - December 29

From Chris, Yes s_x and nipple stimulation will bring on contractions but that does not mean it will bring on labor.


kim - December 29

ok, girls. just to let you know...castor oil brings on diarrhea. diarrhes brings on dehydration. dehydration causes caontractions. not so healthy!!!



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