How To Bring On Labor

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kim - December 29

ok, girls. just to let you know...castor oil brings on diarrhea. diarrhes brings on dehydration. dehydration causes caontractions. not so healthy!!!


terri - December 29

just it alright after you lose your mucus plug to still have s_x? i was told by my Ob yesterday that labor should be within the next couple of days and it would surprise her if i didnt go into labor and than this morning on round two for the washroom there was a hugh glob of mucus and bloody stringy things through it and i was going to see if s_x would bring on my labor and was wondering is it alright to have s_x after you lose your plug..if so than i am gonna try that and if it doesnt work than i am gonna go for a super long walk.. not into trying anything else.just helping nature out alittle bit.


clraynor - December 29

Melaine you are correct. I've heard a lot of things that could help it along or instances when someone did something and labor came on. I believe maybe it was going to happen anyway. Like the old saving goes, when the apple is ripe it will fall. Good luck.


Angel - January 2

I am 37 weeks and ready to have this BABY BOY!!!!! I am 2 cm and need my water to break. I am so sick of not being able to sleep!!!! I want to try to break my water but don't think s_x and walking will do the trick.... Please if anyone can help out let me know some tips!!!!!


austraila - January 4

Labor will happen when it happens this is my 4th baby yes s_x can work yes walking works but........ i want to have this baby now. im just going to wait till the baby comes


to angel - January 4

I hear you, but, um, you won't be getting anymore sleep when the baby is on the outside, SORRY!


Meredith TO CHRIS - January 6

To make sure I am understanding you correctly - You are under the impression that pregnant women should not have s_x? Perhaps you should consult your doctor, because s_x is perfectly fine, even after you have lost your mucous plug. (I began losing mine around 36 weeks.) I had s_x at least once a week during my pregnancy, and not only was my baby perfect...she came early, which is what any mother can hope for...a perfectly healthly EARLY baby. Just because one person may be scared to do it; doesn't make it bad for your baby...if it was bad in a particular situation, I think your doctor would tell you in that instance...


Marys Jaime - January 6

Meredith, I think you misunderstood Chris. She is saying that having s_x is fine while pregnant because the s____n does not have enough of the chemical to start up labor. Otherwise, if s____n had enough chemical to start up labor, then pregnant women would not have s_x to avoid premature labor to start. Did I get it right, Chris?


Marys Jaime - January 6

Angel, just like someone above me said - you will get even less sleep when the baby arrives. I thought the same as you when I was 37 to 42 weeks preggers. Let me tell you, it is alot easier to be super pregnant like that than to have a brand new baby at home. Enjoy these last days as much as you can!


Meredith - January 7

Okay, I read the post again and that makes sense. Although I do believe that s____n helps soften the cervix, not neccessarily bring on labor.


Mary - January 8

Its oxytocin thats the hormone in s____n ~they actually use in the hospital to induce your labour. So, this is not just an old wives tale such as the disgusting castor oil remedy .... S_x is actually helping....So ..GO DO IT!!!!!


mom - January 26

There really isn't a way to brng on labour because you can never force your baby to come out if he or she is not fully prepared. They will come out when the time is right not unless you're over due then I suggest you consider having an induce labour but other ways that help to bring on labour when its already started is staying fit (walking, light house work, etc.) but don't over do it!


mel - January 26

watched a show on discovery that discussed a recent study that has shown that when a baby's lungs are COMPLETELY matured, they start to release a chemical into the uterus that stimulates contractions and brings on labor. hhhmmmmm.


Patty - January 27

I am on my third pregnancy and I am 36 and a half weeks pregnant. With my fiirst I went into labor at 39 weeks and s_x started my labor that time. The second pregnancy I was laying on my bed at 38 weeks and I was trying nipple stimulation I reached to the side to get my drink and my water broke I don't know if the nipple stimulation had anything to do with it but thats is what happend to me. I haven't tried anyting yet but will stick to the nipple stimulation,s_x,and walking. Good luck to you all.


to mary & mel - January 28

it's not oxytocin but PROSTAGLANDIN in s____n that makes the cervix dilate (yes - the same stuff they use in hospitals) And why do we have prem babies that can't breathe una__sisted ???????


Mandie - January 30

Hello ladies, I am 38 weeks pregnate, third pregnancy. My Dr says that I am dialated at 2cm, but not thinned out enough for enducement. Any suggestions other than castrol oil? That just sounds to dangerous for myself and the baby



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