How To Bring On Labor

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Mandie - January 30

Hello ladies, I am 38 weeks pregnate, third pregnancy. My Dr says that I am dialated at 2cm, but not thinned out enough for enducement. Any suggestions other than castrol oil? That just sounds to dangerous for myself and the baby


karar - February 13

I am 2 days away from my due date. I've tried everything short of castor oil. S_x, orgasms, nipple stimulation, walking, exercise, etc. Unfortunately, nothing's worked. I just think she's not ready. They will induce next week, but I'm hoping tonight's full-moon will do the trick!


2nd time mom - February 21

Any good mom would say they would do anything to protect their children. How about sucking it up and dealing with the discomfort for a couple more days. Our bodies are made to do this. Some of you are doing such stupid things and putting your bodies and your little one's in jeopardy. We are not doctors (most of us anyways) So do whats best for your baby and wait. In my oppinion, any of you that would risk the babies health for their own comfort are selfish and are starting off parenting on the wrong foot..It's all about baby now..NOT YOU!


Shannon - March 1

Baby is coming when baby is coming. I think walking is good. Do a lot of walking that way you will be to tired to complain about any discomfort. SMiLeS


Duh - March 1

eat a bunch of beans and burritos and then drink castor oil. That baby will shoot right out of ya! Oh, tell the doc to wear a mask!


Ciara - March 2

Well i am not due until the 30th of March but the baby's head is down and she is ready to come out very soon. Sooner than I expected. The thing is I have to time it just right. My dad is going to be in China from the 14- 25 of March. I have a baby shower this friday and then on next Wednesday. I want to have the baby before my dad leaves but after my baby showers, and during spring break so my little brother can be home with me. ANYWAYS... My boss told me that she had her 3 boys early and on purpose. She told me to wake up, heat some water on the stove if your water at home is not hot, take your normal tempeture shower, get out, dry off your whole body expect your hair. start a really hot bath, walk outside to make your head cold and then just put your body in the hot bath and sit there for an hour maybe even less. she says it worked for her so i am hoping to try it for myself. The s_x thing well first you have to have a guy in your life for that and well i dont. And castro oil, I'm trying to have the baby not throw up everywhere.


try this - March 2

eat 5 bananas and a mango. hop up and down on your left foot 3 times and then spin yourself in a clockwise circle. stand facing the north and hold your arms out like a letter T and hum the national anthem of your country. then duck walk to the bathroom and nod at yourself 4x in the bathroom mirror. you should go into labor in no time.


to try this - March 2

lol!!! I love it! - March 16

I did the casto oil thing with my daughter and it caused nothing but problems because my daughter ended up having a BM before she was born and we almost lost her,DON'T DO IT!!!!!!1


Asmith - April 4

I had both of my sons the same day I drank 4 oz. of castor oil blended with OJ. I have heard that women who are successful with this are those that drink it close to their due date. With my first, I was 6 days over due. I drank the castor oil at 4:00 pm, started having diarrhea at 7 pm (for about 2-3hours) then my water broke at 10:00 pm, we went to the hospital at 12pm and he was born at 6:00 am. With my second son,(4 days before due date) I drank the castor oil and OJ at 6:00 pm, had diarrhea from 10-12pm, went to sleep, woke up at 3:30 am with contractions, went to the hospital (water broke on the way) and he was born at 5:00 am. I have to be honest in telling you that about 3 hours after drinking the castor oil, I was going to the bathroom with diarhhea for about 2-3 hours., but I think that this is what brings on labor. This worked twice for me-but I have heard it doesn't work for evryone. I am pregnant with my third and due next week. If baby doesn't make an appearance by my due date-I will drink it again. Remember-I have heard that the key is to drink it close to your due date!!!! Good luck


Skippy Mel - April 6

Before trying any type of “natural” labor induction - seek the advice of your physician or midwife. Because natural labor induction really works - it needs to be used with extreme caution and you need be sure you know what you are doing. Let’s go over the different types of natural labor induction. A popular way - nipple stimulation done in timed sequences can bring on labor. This can be done by yourself or someone else - such as your partner can do this. By rolling the nipples between your thumb and forefinger or rubbing them, produces oxytocin - the hormone that causes the uterus to contract. It is to be done for about 20 minutes every hour until labor is established. Again, this is not a guarantee and should only be done under the advise of your care provider. **Castor oil has long been a “labor induction” remedy. There again the amount and times vary - depending on who you ask. I have done a little research into this and have discovered that it’s not for everyone. There have been cases where the castor oil was pa__sed to the baby - causing the baby to pa__s meconium before the birth occurred. **


Drew - April 6

Nope, sorry, the nipple stimulation doesn't work either unless your body is your cervix is favorable. You may start having "tightenings" but not real labor contractions. And, in the end, all you end up with is sore nipples!


Emily - April 6

the age old question. Most of these sugestions work to help speed labor along if your body has started and is ready. If you are not ready and your baby is not ready, it just wont happen. Sorry been there and done that!


Muench - May 15

My mom has a two year old i sat with her for the last few weeks of pregnancy she tried EVERYTHING the oil, s_x, walking, eggplant, hot baths, Wine, and presure points Nothing worked... She was 10 ct dialated about 2 days befor she gave birth the doc kept sending her home telling her to WALK MORE she was in so much pain!!! Now i am pregnant and about to go insaine i am so big i feel like a blimp Today my hubby and i are trying the raspberry tea and s_x fun fun i walk the strip all day so hopfully it will work out sence my hubby was a 10 pound baby and has a huge head and sholders!!! will keep you informed!!


Ashlee_Brito - November 12

I'm training to be an OB/GYN and I can a__sure you that s____n DOES contain natural chemicals that we use in the hospital to soften the cervix. Nipple stimulation works well but can be dangerous, it causes slow uterine contractions which can lead to the babie's heart rate dropping. Your best and safest bet is to wait until your child is ready to come out on his/her own or until your doctor induces you. Some of the methods described here such as castor oil are effective but sometimes dangerous. They propose a great shock to your baby. DO NOT EVER try to induce yourself before your 38th week of pregnancy.


Anathi - November 14

Ashlee_Brito your advice is awsome I appreciate it . You know this decision of inducing is definately wrong hence maybe the baby may still need to develop wihin but dear God forgive us and our pregnant minds and our discomforts hell it hurts to be on the last weeks, waiting and waiting not sleeping at night thinking she/e may come today, during the day all you feel are pains like me I have a very sore leg but am hangin there ubtil 3wks so I could go on leave. The abnormality that you alone feel the big belly that you run out of clothes its not by choice but by the pain.



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